Soutn-Eastern European Programming Contest

Participants of the Olympics are offered one of two events on Sunday from 11.00 to 14.00:

1. A tour of the center of Vinnytsia with a visit to the city complex video surveillance system, to which several hundred municipal, school and private cameras are connected. Continuous round-the-clock surveillance has already revealed about 10,000 administrative offenses, responded to 15 terrorist threats, eliminated 103 fires, rescued citizens 21 times during an accident and in reservoirs. Live monitoring is done in real time by special software and regular operators on huge screens. The center keeps records of the most interesting cases that are displayed during the excursion. Also, on the tour you will be introduced to the basic tasks that require the development of special software. Perhaps you will be able to participate in the Safe City project. More information about the center can be found here:

2. Excursion to the Vinnytsia catacombs created under the Franciscan Capuchin Monastery in the seventeenth century: