Currently, Linux systems based on the core of the same name are leading the market for smartphones, Internet servers and supercomputers. Linux is an excellent platform for demanding software due to its flexibility and configurability. However, ordinary users will never be interested in such details of the operating system as the internal structure of the kernel. This is the destiny of only truly passionate professionals: enthusiasts and professionals.

Organizers and partners


ВОО "Сообщество ИТ-директоров Украины"  Консалтинговая компания "Супремум"   Вінницький національний технічний університет 


You can join the competition on the site of International Student Olympiad "IT-Universe". To do this, you must apply for participation in the competition, as well as joining to the group of contest.

Requirements for Participants

Students of institutions of higher and secondary vocational education can take part in the competition, regardless of the form of training that they are Regulations of IT-Universe, registered to participate in IT-Universe according to registration procedure.

Participants must have strong administration skills on the Linux systems. Participation in the competition is individual.


The competition is held in absentia-in-person form in two stages:

  1. Correspondence phase (online testing) – from April 1 to April 25
  2. Final (solving practical problems) – from May 30 to June 10

You can contact the IT-Universe representative in Vinnytsia for participation in the competition:
Elena Kovalenko, or directly to the Organizing committee.