Rector of VNTU

Volodymyr V. Grabko
Sc.D., Prof.

Phone: (0432) 56 08 48
Fax: (0432) 46-57-72
E-mail: (hidden for bots) , (hidden for bots)

The First Vice Rector on Educational and Methodic Works, the director of the institute of organizational and methodical provision of education

Vasilevskyi Oleksandr Mykolayovych
Sc.D., Prof.

Phone: (0432) 46-68-09
E-mail: (hidden for bots)

Vice Rector on Scientific Works

Sergey V. Pavlov
Sc.D., Prof.

Phone: 51-32-56,
Fax: 51-15-81
E-mail: (hidden for bots)

The Vice Rector on Educational Works and Scientific Works in the Field of Humanities

Anna V. Pyskliarova

Phone: (0432) 46-69-46
E-mail: (hidden for bots)

The Vice Rector on Scientific and Pedagogical Works on Production and Study Integration and International Integration

Viktor M. Mizernyy
Cand.Sc., Assist. Prof.

Phone: (0432) 51-31-37
E-mail: (hidden for bots)

The Vice Rector on Scientific and Pedagogical Works on Material and Technical Provision of Scientific and Educational Process

Vasyl. I. Kovalchuk

Phone: (0432) 51-15-76
E-mail: (hidden for bots)

Chief Accountant

Liana M. Nechepurenko

Phone: (0432) 46-62-75

Deputy first vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work on organization of educational process

Gennadiy L. Lysenko
Cand. Sc. (Eng.), Assist. Prof.
Director of Main center Organizational and Methodic Provision of Study

Phone: (0432) 51-33-68
E-mail: (hidden for bots)

Deputy Vice Rector for scientific works, the director of scientific and research department

Volodymyr V. Bogachuk
Cand. Sc. (Eng.), Assist. Prof.

Phone: (0432) 51-32-56
E-mail: (hidden for bots)