A characteristic feature of the new technology for the training of scientific personnel of higher qualification was that future applicants for scientific degrees should normally complete a magistracy, which selected only those graduates of the bachelor's degree, who during the bachelor's training showed the ability to research; Secondly, these applicants for scientific degrees in the magistracy were obliged to master the methods of generating new knowledge, to write and defend master's dissertations, which accounted for 30% -40% of future candidate's theses.

The advantages of this technology to others were that, having entered the postgraduate study, the postgraduate students did not lose their time searching for the subject and the head, to familiarize themselves with the scientific work of other authors in the chosen scientific direction, to master the methodology of staging experiments and processing its results, to develop skills writing articles and drawing up reports on scientific work - they all mastered it at the stage of master's training. The implementation of this technology was created on the basis of the Department of Masters and Postgraduate Studies, the Institute of Magistracy, Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies (InMAD).

According to the development concept adopted in 1990, new experimental training plans and programs of the three-tier system of training specialists with higher technical education were developed and approved in 1991. The bachelor's and engineer-master's degree. The training of masters was organized according to the methodology developed at VNTU taking into account world experience. The issue of masters, held in VNTU, in 1996, was the first issue of masters in Ukraine, among which among all 5 years studied special curricula.