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The team of Vinnytsia National Technical University represented Ukraine at the Enactus World Cup, which took place on October 9-11 in the Silicon Valley (San José, California, USA)

The Enactus team of VNTU has already participated in these prestigious competitions of such a high level — the ENACTUS WORLD CUP — for the fifth time. The Enactus team of VNTU:

- Viktoriia Bohachuk, a new captain of Enactus VNTU;

- Yanna Tchaikovska, the captain of three seasons of Enactus VNTU;

- Bohdan Pivoshenko;

- Serhii Shataliuk.

Andrii Zhuravlov and Dmytro Ivchuk also attended the competitions as a part of the delegation.


The first stage of the competition was drawing lots: the division of 36 countries of the world into 6 leagues, 6 teams in each. Our team was the very last to draw the place. That is, they did not have a choice and were forced to play in the league with very strong teams, for example, from India — the last year winner. The performance video on Facebook.


The Enactus team of VNTU presented five projects:

Three ecological:

1) Eco to go — the recycling of disposable paper cups;

2) Eco school — the introduction of separate collection of garbage at Vinnytsia schools;

3) Eco to the world — an international project, during which children in Ghana

became ecologically educated, received a station for paper reception, and the youth got an opportunity to work producing books on recycled paper;

Two social projects:

1) Kind Deeds — providing skills and expertise to children at
orphanages through non-formal education and the introduction of a mentoring system;

2) Landmark for Success — a technical design project, a guide that helps the visually impaired find entrances into buildings due to the sound.


The Enactus team of VNTU became the fourth in their league.


Successful people — businesspeople, politicians, Enaktus graduates from all over the world, for example, the former Secretary General of the United States, the director of Ford, Walmart and others — spoke to the participants.


This year, Canada has won with an incredibly powerful agricultural project, which had been created for 6 years and had investments of several million dollars for the realization.


The next World Cup 2019 will take place in the same city — in San Jose.

In order to win we need new people. How to become a member of the Enaktus VNTU team? It is very easy!

There are only two rules — to be a student of VNTU and to be motivated to change the world for the better.