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Inna Kaska had been preparing to the competition OMC Hairworld for two years  —gym, a bunch of restrictions and 6-hour-training every day


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This victory has really taken a great amount of work, nerves and patience. In order to prepare properly you need a lot of time and efforts.


The Ukrainian national team has been taking part in the OMC Hairworld contest for a long time. Inna Kaska has been particvipating in the competitions of such level for the first time.


It's not easy just sit still while the master is creating on your face. In the summer, Ihna Kaska had to hide from the sun, the tan is irrelevant for a model. So, she hasn’t even dreamt of the beach and the sea.


Inna Kaska has been working for the Grace modeling agency as a model for 5 years. Therefore, at the competition she felt comfortable, in her environment. “My make-up artist Iryna Chefranova and I prepared carefully. At first we took part in a regional competition in Dnipropetrovsk, then in a nationwide one in Kyiv and at last in the world championships in Paris. The main thing was to show the makeup. But it was necessary to create a holistic image — an appropriate hairstyle and clothing. In addition, I had to show my charisma, my image,” says the young beauty.


Inna Kaska as a model and her master Iryna Chefranova together created a refined, impressive and magnificent image! And the world noticed them.
It was just an incredible, fabulous and fairy dress made of flowers. And there was an amazing golden royal dress.

“This work is a pleasure for me. And when there is joy, then everything works well, and it is enough time to study, work, train in the gym and train with the master. Although the rhythm is crazy! I am grateful to my husband very much. He supports my hobby and helps in everything,” says Inna Kaska.


Paris! The city of love, the city of dreams! But being there the girls spent most of their time on the competition and preparing for it. Although they managed to find some free time just to walk along its streets and alleys, climb the Eiffel Tower and visit Notre Dame de Paris.

Inna Kasko says, “This competition was very important to me as for a model. This is a very unique experience. Besides, it added me self-confidence. And dreams!”