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Students of the Department of Computer Sciences of Vinnytsia National Technical University Dmytro Panteliuk and Dmytro Kudriavtsev and their coach candidate of technical sciences, Senior Lecturer Serhii Baraban made the robot Scorpion, which  won silver at the VI International competition Earth Rover 2018




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On November 21-24, the VI International competition on mobile robotic systems Earth Rover 2018, where 14 student teams represented their robots, took place at the Technical University of Moldova in Chisinau.


VNTU team lost to the Romanians whose product was equipped with expensive parts and it was obvious that the creation of this work required significant financial investments and material costs.


“The jury, which included IT-specialists from leading world and Moldovan companies, assessed robots for a variety of different criteria,” says Serhii Baraban.


Serhii Baraban teaches at the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Radio Engineering of VNTU. He is also a lecturer of robotics at the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and teaches participants of the youth Scout technical movement IT-SCOUTS at VNTU. (more information about IT-SCOUTS http://itscouts.vntu.edu.ua/)


“Our robot Scorpion has the maximum functionality. No other robot presented at the competition had 8 functions but ours. In addition, Scorpion is energy-saving! It also has a minimal manufacturing cost. We designed the casing ourselves and printed it on a 3D printer. The caterpillars are made of common school bag belts. We knew that there was a category of minimal costs, so we were intended to reduce our Scorpion expenses to the maximum. The Scorpion Control Board is Arduino Mega. You can remotely control the robot via a radio channel with a range of 2 kilometers. Among all the competitive robots there were only two with radio control and with such a range. All others had Wi-Fi and Bluetooth,” explains the adviser of the silver team of the Earth Rover 2018.


“We also designed a video transfer from the camera for the Scorpion. It can carry out telemetry — remote measurement. It has temperature, humidity, luminosity, air quality and fire sensors. It also has a manipulator — such a hand that with the help of which it can take small objects. There is a stop function before the obstacles, it can move aside a small obstacle that arises in its way and go further. It is able to go a definite route along a line using its three optoelectronic sensors or through a maze using its ultrasonic sensor,” continues Serhii Baraban.


The product is very new, created intentionally to this competition. If it were made of materials of better quality, it would be possible to use the robot practically. For example, in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. If the Scorpion, for example, sees a fire, it stops and transfers to the remote control block “Fire”.


The Silver Winners of the Earth Rover 2018 are very grateful to the sponsors of the Scorpion — Exadel Ukraine and Phonet.


Serhii Baraban says,

“The competition took place in the business incubator of the Technical University of Moldova. They also have the specialty “Computer science” and the subject “Robotics” at the university. In order to pass the exam in this subject students have to make a robot. Three of the best robots take part in the international Earth Rover competition.”


The Scorpion robot has maximum functionality and minimum cost, no fear of obstacles. And the best of it says its slogan —

Real scorpions have had millions years to evolve. Copy them so you don’t have to wait so long!