Прес-центр ВНТУ 18.08.2019, 00:37

A respected academic community!
heartily congratulate you on New Year's
and Christmas holidays
that finish our vital and labor issues in the year
passing out and fill
up with inspiration to new achievements
in the year coming!


The well-coordinated work of our University community during the year 2018 proved
that we are able to withstand competition
from other universities of Ukraine and we are modern, reliable
as well as progressive!
We all work together a lot
to implement reform
s related
with the modernization of education and science,
provide a high level of training of specialists, support the local community,
and try to make
the life of our university
and our city rich and interesting.

We develop relationships with foreign partners
that opens up new perspectives to our students.
And the results of our fruitful work are the success
and achievements of our students!
ey are the victories at international contests, the grants, and successful international exchanges.
We are proud of our creative
and talented students, athletes and activists!

Our scientists continue to research, defend their PhD theses, and
get scholarly
degrees. All this testifies to
the fact that we have much to be proud of!
I sincerely thank the
staff for the labor and scientific achievements, understanding and support, the desire to make the life of the University better!


Let the festive New Year star
light up every home with a light of good
ness and hope,
the faith in your souls and warm your hearts with love,
add strength and inspiration to the persistent work
for the sake of our children and grandchildren
for the sake of our native land
for the sake of
whole Ukraine!
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Rector V.V.