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We sincerely congratulate

Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine,

Holder of the Medal “For Merits” of the III degree,

Actual member of the Transport Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,

Candidate of technical sciences,

Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport

of Vinnytsia National Technical University,

Professor Yurii BURIENNIKOV

On the glorious 70th anniversary

Wise Zlatoust noticed, “One of the most important human affairs is the upbringing of children”. So, the most significant result of Professor Buriennikov to the 70th birthday is his daughter Natalia, the head of the Department of VNMU, doctor of medical sciences, professor, and his son Yurii, candidate of economic sciences, assistant professor of VNTU.

Professor Buriennikov said, “My children and I have always been friends, always understood each other. We were studying, working, and relaxing together. They saw that they had to work and, therefore, used to work. I think the main things in upbringing are labor and personal example.”

By the way, Yurii Buriennikov is an economist and an engineer-mechanic. In addition, he also has a master's degree in vehicular transport.

There are no casualties in life. When Yurii Buriennikov was a third-year-student, Professor Ihor Nemyrovskyi - the founder of a powerful school of hydraulic drives - offered him to research. And having made sure that Yurii Buriennikov had good research results in the field of hydroautomatic machine tools, Professor Ihor Nemyrovskyi suggested him to work at the department.

“Subsequently, I became an assistant; I studied at correspondence postgraduate school at KPI and defended my dissertation. But Ihor Nemyrovskyi always was my true leader,” says Professor Buriennikov.

Today, Professor Buriennikov together with Professor Viktor Bilichenko, head of the Department of Automobile and Transport Management, Doctor of Technical Sciences, are scientific leaders of a promising scientific direction in optimizing passenger transportation. As a member of the Transport Council of the City Executive Committee, he actively participates in the organization of passenger transport in Vinnytsia, and was awarded with the Honorary Diplomas of the mayor and the regional state administration for that.

“The Department of Automobile and Transport Management has developed a concept for the development of automobile passenger transport in Vinnytsia. And it is now actively implementing. After scientific research, which made up four massive volumes, we have developed passenger routes and all necessary calculations for the future 3-5-10 years. The city buys big buses on the main routes in order to gradually reduce the number of minibuses. They are more suitable for small passenger traffic,” says Professor Buriennikov.

Another scientific direction of Professor Buriennikov is a research on the modeling and synthesis of hydrosystems. In this scientific direction he works in tandem with Professor Leonid Kozlov, head of the Department of Technology and Automation of Mechanical Engineering, Doctor of Technical Sciences. They also involve students to this work. The research is carried out on the basis of the laboratory “Borekshydravlika”, the scientific leader of which is Professor Buriennikov.

In 1986, Yurii Buriennikov was elected as a chairman of the trade union committee of the University. And three years later he was the first vice-rector. Subsequently Professor Buriennikov became the vice-rector for educational work.

He has also been a dean for many times. There was nobody at the University who has been a dean for so many times. First of all, the dean of the Faculty of fundamental and general engineering training. In 1996, Yurii Buriennikov became the dean of the Faculty of master's training, then the dean of the Faculty of transport and tribotechnics. Subsequently, Yurii Buriennikov became the dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport. Professor Burennikov has been its permanent dean, a member of the Academic Council and the Administration of VNTU since 1986.

Professor Buriennikov initiated the creation of a Center for Metal Engineering at our University, the Center for Mechatronics, and the Center for Vehicle Diagnostics. Thanks to his enthusiasm, it has been established the cooperation with the German company FESTO and with several universities in Romania.

The students of the Faculty of MT are extremely fond of listening to their dean playing the guitar the songs of the sixties by B. Okudzhava, Y. Vizbor, and V. Vysotskiy at the faculty parties.

Yurii Buriennikov was awarded with the Honorary Badge of the Chief of the General Staff - the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “For Services to the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, the honors of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine “For Cooperation with the State Automobile Inspection Units”, many other awards and honors of the ministries and public organizations of Ukraine.

He is a delegate of the First Congress of Educators of Ukraine.

Professor Buriennikov has greatly contributed into the development of new educational technologies for the training of bachelors, specialists, masters and the retraining of engineering workers.

Under the leadership of Professor Buriennikov and Professor Leonid Kozlov, there were created the international center for re-training workers in the machine-building and transport industries “VNTU-FESTO”, where modern German educational technologies are introduced, as well as the educational-learning center of new technologies in the field of engineering of materials on the basis of the “FORT” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Professor Buriennikov’s field of scientific research is the modeling and synthesis of hydraulic systems of technological machines and mobile machinery. He is the head of 20 scientific researches for domestic institutions and enterprises. He is the author of more than 200 scientific publications.

Professor Buriennikov is an honorary professor of Gheorghe Asachi Technical University, a member of the editorial board of a number of domestic and foreign scientific journals, a co-chairman of the International Congress on Machine Science and Materials’ Engineering.

A uniform for drivers of all types of municipal and private passenger transport and a number of other proposals were introduced in Vinnytsia on his initiative; the youth movement under the motto “High culture level of passengers in transport” was launched by students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport of VNTU.

Professor Buriennikov is a member of the Presidium of Vinnytsia City Council of Veterans. There he has been known as an active public person since 2010.

Professor Buriennikov systematized the lists of monuments, memorable signs, memorial plates located on the territory of our city and devoted to the exploits of our compatriots during the liberation of the city of Vinnytsia and other cities of Ukraine in World War II.

Professor Buriennikov is well-known by his volunteer activity. At Vinnytsia National Technical University the international center “Ukraine-Norway” was created on his initiative in 2015, where the social adaptation of soldiers demobilized from the army and their family members is being implemented. This center is one of the best in Ukraine according to Mr Horpestad, the Norwegian Ambassador to Ukraine.