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On January 17,


Doctor of technical sciences, professor,

Dean of the Faculty of Infocommunications, Radioelectronics and Nanosystems

of VNTU,

Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine,

Academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine,

Academician of the International Academy of Applied Radioelectronics

Celebrates his 70th anniversary

He was born in the village of Sopyn, Pohrebyshche District. His father was a farmer and had three classes of education; his mother had two classes of education. So after finishing school Vasyl decided to enter Vinnytsia branch of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute; closer to his parents because they were elderly and needed care.

Vasyl Kychak finished school in 1966 when the 10th and 11th forms both finished in the same year. Having stood a fierce competition, he became a student and got in the “golden hundred” because that year Vinnytsia branch of KPI enrolled only one hundred students. The most attractive specialty for him was “electronic devices”.

Could Vasyl Kychak then imagine that in a few decades he would be a doctor of technical sciences, a professor, and a well-known scientist in Ukraine?

Vasyl Kychak says, “If  I thought about it when I graduated from the institute, I would have become a doctor of sciences much earlier. I believed that such heights were not for me. I was working on my Candidate's thesis for almost 9 years. At first I worked as a junior researcher, then as a senior researcher, later in 1981 I defended my Candidate's thesis in specialty at Kharkov University of Radio electronics. In 2002, I defended my doctoral dissertation at our Vinnytsia National Technical University.”

So, having graduated from the institute and received a diploma, Vasyl Kychak went to work at the instrument-making plant in Armavir. From there he was called to the army and served in the air defense forces in Brest region. Afterwards he returned to Vinnytsia. Vasyl Kychak has been working at our university for 45 years. All his life is the university!

Professor Kychak is the author of nearly 400 scientific works, including 15 monographs and 21 textbooks. Five of his textbooks are marked by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Under his supervision, 13 candidate dissertations were prepared and defended.

He is currently a supervisor of 5 post-graduate students.

Professor Kychak is a member of two specialized councils for the defense of doctoral theses and a member of the editorial board of two scientific journals.

Under his leadership, 5 international scientific and technical conferences “Modern problems of radio electronics, telecommunications and instrumentation” were held.

Professor Kychak worked as a Dean of the Faculty of Automation and Microelectronics, then Dean of the Faculty of Radio Electronics, Director of the Institute of Radio Engineering, Communication and Instrumentation.

During his work at VNTU Professor Kychak opened three specialties:

Electronic devices and instruments,

Radio communication, radio broadcasting and television equipment,

Telecommunication systems and networks;

and two specializations:

Automotive and energy saving electronics,

Office equipment and communications.

For his active assistance a laboratory base for training specialists in the field of “Telecommunications” was created; modern communications equipment was purchased at the expense of enterprises and firms. At the department of telecommunication systems and television, where professor Kychak works as a professor, 4 laboratories have been created during few last years.

He is the deputy chairman of the presidium of the regional association of radio engineering, electronics and communications.

For many years he has been the scientific supervisor of the contract research projects. He was awarded with the bronze medal of the USSR Exhibition of achievements of the national economy and a diploma of the second degree of the USSR Exhibition of achievements of the national economy.

He was awarded with an honorary diploma of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration and an honorary diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

In 2009, for many years of diligent work, his personal contribution into the training of highly skilled specialists, and fruitful scientific and pedagogical activities he was awarded with the Honorary Badge “Excellence in education of Ukraine”, and in 2012 professor Kychak was awarded with the honorary title “Honored Worker of Education in Ukraine”.

In 2015, professor Kychak was awarded with an honorary diploma of the Commander of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the active life position, the manifestation of patriotism and assistance to the military units and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in fulfilling the tasks; in 2016 professor Kychak was awarded with the anniversary sign-order “Great Ukraine. 25 years of Independence”.

Professor Kychak is fond of sports. He did sports while studying at the institute and had a second category in gymnastics.