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Daryna Kravchenko, a sophomore of the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering studied climate control in buildings on the Canary Islands.


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Daryna was a participant in the educational course in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (the Canary Islands, Spain) from BEST (Board of European Students of Technical Universities).

The course was called “The Climate Control Guide to the Galaxy” and was aimed at studying the technologies of heating and cooling of buildings depending on climatic conditions.

Besides participants from Ukraine, there were also participants from Iceland, Poland, Romania, Italy, France, Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Russia, and Turkey.

Darya shares her memories:

“Throughout the course, we studied the systems of heating and ventilation in buildings, how to apply them properly according to the climate, visited establishments on the island where the best heating systems were presented.

I think the important thing about such courses is the acquaintance with interesting people who are always incredible and open, who you can exchange some stories of your country, its culture and attractions with.

The nature in the Canaries is just incredible, we had the opportunity to visit the ocean coast, the dunes and the mountains.

Since I had been the organizer of the BEST course in Vinnytsia last summer and participated in a similar course in Slovenia, I had some expectations and I want to say this course completely met them and even exceeded them in some aspects, the organizers did all their best.

I want to thank the organization BEST for a great opportunity to travel aroud and train in Europe.

And once more, I want to give students a piece of advice – apply for BEST courses because they provide invaluable experience and a lot of new friends. Besides, Ukrainian students pay 11 euros or less (depending on the course) for the entire trip. The only thing that is expensive is ticket cost but it's worth spending.

Go ahead, explore Europe!”