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On May 24 - 26, representatives from the world-famous Oracle IT corporation headed by Joel Kallman, the Senior Director of Software Development for server technologies at Oracle America, Inc., visited Vinnytsia.


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The delegation also included Alexandru Barbaneagra, Senior Cloud Consultant at Oracle (Romania); Shakib Rahman, Software Development Manager at Oracle (USA), Vlad Uvarov, Software Development Manager for server technology in Oracle (USA) and Oleksandr Kaplun, a representative of Oracle in Ukraine.

On May 24, top representatives of Oracle Corporation met with Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov. The next day they took part in the traditional for Vinnytsia “Veloden”.

On May 26, before their speech at the IT-conference “HIGH LOAD UA”, they meet with Rector of Vinnytsia National Technical University Volodymyr Hrabko.

The Ukrainian regional office of Oracle Corporation is located in Kyiv. But Vinnytsia is interesting for top Oracle representatives by its efforts to introduce new technologies and increasing Oracle's IT-product customers over the past period.

Oracle Corporation is an American IT-corporation, the world's largest software developer for organizations, a powerful supplier of server hardware. In 2018, Oracle became the third largest software development company in the world for its profits. Oracle Corporation is also engaged in the implementation of ERP-, CRM- and SCM-systems. Oracle is one of the leaders in the implementation of the latest IT technologies including Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Oracle products can be purchased in more than 150 countries around the world thanks to an extensive distribution network. According to rough estimates, Oracle has nearly 500,000 customers in 175 countries worldwide. For several years Oracle's founder Larry Ellison has been ranked the 3rd in the Forbes World's richest world, and is also a member of the Board of Directors of Tesla, Inc.

An important part of Oracle Corporation's development strategy is a cooperation with the academic community in the context of introducing Oracle training curriculum for the development of students and young professionals’ skills and expanding access to advanced digital technologies.

In this context, on  May 26, Vinnytsia National Technical University (VNTU) hosted Joel Kallman, a senior program director for software development for server technology at Oracle America, Inc. (USA).

During the meeting common positions of interest to both sides were discussed

Rector of VNTU Volodymyr Hrabko assured the top representatives of Oracle corporation that the University actively support the initiative to introduce new IT-technologies and that there is a considerable potential of active and creative young people who seek to obtain modern knowledge and new professional skills.

Joel Kalman noticed the significant activity in introducing Oracle APEX technologies by IT-companies in Vinnytsia region, in particular, the official representative of Oracle in Vinnytsia – APEXREST (CEO - Oleksii Vykhrystyiuk) that deals with the development, implementation, support of business applications and corporate bots using modern information technologies.

The founder of APEXREST Oleksii Vykhrystiuk said:

“For many years we have been active in the use of Oracle technologies in Ukraine. After all, we are promoting this direction very actively and we are noticed abroad. We contacted in 2017 and since then we have been actively maintaining the connection. This year they decided to come to us personally. And we organized the first conference on high-capacity technologies “HIGH LOAD UA 2019”, where a speaker will be Joel Kallman. This is a great honor because this person who belongs to the top managers of Oracle, knows its founder, it's a pretty big man in the company.”

Joel Kallman is an author of several books on Oracle technologies including “Expert One on One Oracle”, “Beginning Oracle Programming” and “Mastering Oracle PL/SQL: Practical Solutions”. Joel Kallman has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer and Information Sciences at the College of Engineering, Ohio State University, and since 1996 he has been the Senior Director of Software Development at Oracle APEX at Oracle America, Inc.

Oleksii Vykhrystiuk mentioned the first successes of active cooperation with VNTU, in particular, the opening of a specialized computer class, which has already been introducing optional courses in Oracle Apex technologies in the educational process on the basis of the Department of Computer Sciences of VNTU (the head of the Department is Andrii Yarovyi) in 2018.

Thus, during the meeting at VNTU, current progress and significant prospects for further cooperation starting from the local level to the further development of regional and international projects were considered. The innovations of Oracle Corporation will increasingly integrate into the educational process of Vinnytsia National Technical University, in particular, at the Department of Computer Sciences.

Therefore, there is a prospect of certification of young professionals and their employment in IT-companies that work with Oracle. For young IT-professionals it will certainly be an invaluable experience that offers great job opportunities and career prospects.

On the same day, the HIGH LOAD UA 2019 conference took place in Vinnytsia, where invited representatives from the IT-corporations Oracle and Microsoft held highly professional lectures and master classes for interested representatives of IT-community, scholars s and students of universities.

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