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On June 14, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Infocommunications, Radio Electronics and Nanosystems of Vinnytsia National Technical University, candidate of technical sciences, assistant professor Olena Zhahlovska will compete for the crown of the all-Ukrainian competition “BEAUTY OF THE COUNTRY 2019” in the Ukrainian capital.


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The online voting, which ends before the super-final at night on June 14, will determine the winner of the title “CHOICE OF THE COUNTRY 2019” and the contract for participation in the international competition “LADY OF BRILLIANCY INTERNATIONAL” that will be held in Taiwan in November.

The voting is not free! 1 vote = 9grn. !!!

The national competition “Beauty of the country 2019” supports the program “Let's Overcome Cancer Together” of the Charity Fund “Palms of Fate”.

The money raised from the voting will be sent to the Fund “Palms of Fate” to purchase necessary equipment for cancer patients.

To learn more about pretty and smart Olena Zhahlovska watch her competitive video here


In June, a report on the money raised will be drawn up and Kyiv Radiation Therapy Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine will obtain an injectomat and an infusomat to treat those who are now struggling with this terrible disease.

​Olena is a young but already prominent scholar. She has got 90 publications including 78 scientific and 12 educational, one publication in Scopus.

Olena is a mom. Her son is 6 years old.

Despite the technical education, Olena is a creative person, she is fond of drawing, dancing, sports.

“To my mind, the main weapon of a woman is not only beauty but also intelligence and intellect. Although they say that it is not easy to live with a clever woman! But, of course, it's interesting!”

Olena’s husband really does not have to be bored with his wife!

“Participation in the competition was driven by the desire to share my experience, to prove that a woman is not only an external beauty. I know that the secret of conquering the world is simple – you need to be true, sincere and ... you need to love!”