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The main prize and the title of "Mr. Charm" of the VNTU in 2014 along with the title "Mr. Audience Award" was won by Andrew Moroz, a student of the 4th year at the Institute of Engineering and Transportation.



In VNTU there is a type of Olympic discipline, a kind of an all-around modern gentleman. It is in this contest came eight finalists of different institutes of the University (the University consists of eight different Institutes).

The jury worked hard evaluating all the members in different nominations: ”At the catwalk ", then by their "Video-presentation" (actually it was a kind of a mini-movie), the erudition, the choreographic abilities. But traditionally the most spectacular and most exciting was a creative competition. Applicants for the title of "Mr. Charm" prepared whole compositions with specially written texts. Konstantin Radchenko (the Institute of Automation, Electronics and Computer Systems) is remembered due to the wonderful musical performance with his band, where he is the keyboardist. Andrew Barchyshen (the Institute of Power Engineering and Electromechanics) and Anton Razdorozhniuk (the Institute of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering) performed the song , and Alexander Guliyev (the Institute of Management), who also appeared in the song genre offered a rap composition.

A song composition of Igor Tenyachkin (the Institute of building, power engineering and gas supply) was distinguished by the text of the song and impressive dance group support, Igor Kondratskiy (the Institute of Radio Engineering, Communications and Instrumentation ) derived from a state of emotional equilibrium viewers by a parody on the song of the band " VIA Gra " -  Attempt number 5". Kobzarska duma (thinking) by Dmitry Gurba (the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Cybernetics) about the "not such a student" (always attends classes, does not miss them) is remembered well, however, did not impress the jury. Andrew Moroz (the Institute of Engineering and Transport) in his dance showed different real pictures on stage, and it was felt confidence in all the movements and everything what he did it was done with a special charm.


Nearly three hours of the competitive struggle brought titles of vice-Mr. to Andrew Barchyshen and Konstantin Radchenko, along with the prizes from the student union committee of the VNTU  and the president of the student government of the University. The main prize and the title of "Mr. Charm " of the VNTU in 2014 with the title "Mr. Audience Award " was won by Andrew Moroz , a student of the 4th year of the Institute of Engineering and transport. He can honorably wear the olive wreath of a winner, as did the winners of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece.

Anatoly Teklyuk,
PhD, Associate Professor,
Deputy Director of MCUW

Pictures by Serghiy Markov http://photo.vntu.edu.ua/355/

Slide-show of the contest http://youtu.be/mvbM2ohtU54