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In engineering competitions winning teams are “Bazzzinga” and  “KiPiSh”.

For the fourth year in a row in VNTU are held all-European engineering competitions EBEC, which have become a real holiday for students and a tradition.

This year engineering competitions were held from 3 to 7 February.
Contest, as usual, was done in two categories at the same time:
Case Study - teams get tasks and have to forecast, develop, simulate and solve a problem and efficiently present the results of their work.
Team Design - teams get tasks and have to develop a system, create a device or mechanism of the provided elements.



In Team Design category registered 18 teams of 4 members each. To participate in the basic stage of the competition in terms of the local phase of the competition were allowed only 6 teams, so during the first day of competition was done a selection's process.
At the selection stage all the teams had to make a projector with a few empty bottles, lenses, LED and certain additional materials and conduct a presentation on it (with your projector to present your project). All teams presented very interesting solutions, but the next day the work continued only top 6.
The main objective in the category Team Design was to design and fabricate an electronic musical instrument. It required basic skills in electronics. However, the task involved three levels of complexity: from a simple scheme with theoretical information to independent programming of the microcontroller. Almost all teams coped with the task: some in a simple, some in a complex way.


In the Case Study category registered 12 teams of 4 members each. In the qualifying round, the participants had to analyze business in Vinnitsa and Vinnitsa region and justify the situation if they were having 1 million of UAH were would they have invested their money. 24 participants , whose ideas were better, were solving the problems of education and self-development and motivation of students to study successfully, developing new global technical laboratories of our planet and were calculating the problem of energy efficiency and resource scarcity, their location and transportation.
Winners in the Case Study category were the students of the Institute of engineering, electronics and computer control systems: Maxim Zdorovets, Vyacheslav Dudko, Alexei Kovalenko, Maksym Tsymbal (team “Bazzzinga”).


Winners in the Team Design category became also the students of the Institute of engineering, electronics and computer control systems: Jaroslav Tochenyuk, Pavlo Orlik, Alexander Yakhimovich, Igor Kreshchenko (team “KiPiSh”).
2014 winners of each city will meet in May in Lviv on the national stage of the competition, and will compete for the right to represent Ukraine at the final stage of the European BEST Engineering Competition in Riga, Latvia.

Coordinator EBEC `14 VNTU