Прес-центр ВНТУ 17.08.2019, 23:52

National Scientific Conference of young scientists, postgraduates and students  “Innovative providing of sustainable development of Ukraine in the context of integration into the European Community " was held in Vinnytsia National Technical University on February 21st.




Scientific forum was organized by the Department of Finance at the VNTU under the auspice of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the active support of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (Faculty of Economics Department of Entrepreneurship), Chernivtsy National University named after U.Fedkovych (Faculty of Economics) and the regional branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies in Lviv.


The young scientists were greeted by a short speech made by the pro-rector for research work at the VNTU, PhD in technical sciences, Professor Sergei Pavlov. He stressed the relevance and urgency of the theme of the conference, substantiated the necessity and advantages of the theory of sustainable economic development. Sergey Volodimyrovitch offered a moment of silence to honor the compatriots who were killed in the capital of the country, defending its civilized future. Many of them - were of the same age presented in the hall. Some were even younger ...


" After reaching the long-awaited material prosperity , a person tries to have his fortune to be increased. And so on to infinity , because the soul is hungry . This fact three thousand years ago was spotted by Ekliziast . And it is confirmed by history. Rather than becoming a comfortable promised paradise the planet is being depleted. The deserts — which is not only the Sahara, but also our Oleshkivska one, near Kherson — is constantly spreading . Wars of the future will be conducted not for the "black gold" - oil. Wars of the future - it is not even an information warfare . Wars of the future will be carried out for the liquid , which comprises 80 percent of all of us - for water " - said in his report the Head of the Department of Finance of the Vinnytsia National Technical University, a Doctor of Economics, Professor Vitaly Zyanko .


"The problem of environmental degradation is associated with the quest of people for material wealth. Only by changing the way of thinking and later a life  style we can achieve the economic development that meets the potential possibilities of the world "- the scientist concluded.


The lively interest of the audience was met by the report of the candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Tatyana Zhurko "Problems and prospects of outsourcing in IT projects."


The conference was attended by young researchers - PhDs, doctoral students, graduate students, applicants, and students from almost all regions of Ukraine.


The conference worked in three sections:

Problems of sustainable development in the context of innovative reforms in Ukraine;

Sustainable enterprise development in a globalized economy;

Market processes in Europe and their impact on the economy of Ukraine.


Prior to the scientific forum of young economists, all participants received a set of conference materials.


Special gratitude is expressed to a PhD in economic sciences, Associate Professor Irina Epifanova, who effectively assisted as the Secretary of the Organizing Committee.