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A Freshman of the Institute of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering at the Vinnytsya National Technical University Dmitry Kryvyi  gratifies and surprises at the same time with his IT- victories


A Freshman of the Institute of ITCE at the VNTU Dmitry Krivyi won at the XIII Ukrainian championship in Information Technology "Ecosoft 2014". His authoring intelligent hardware and software project received the first prize.


Also at the regional finals (Kyiv)  in the International Championship of computer talent "Golden byte" Dmitry won first place in the category “Startup challenge”.


The student received a formal invitation to the International Competition INFOMATRIX, to be held 8-12 May 2014 in Bucharest (Romania).


This talented Freshman of the Institute of ITCE won the All-Ukrainian competition in inventive and innovative projects of ecological and naturalistic direction, which was held in Kyiv on 11-13 February.


The contest was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in cooperation with the National Eco- naturalistic Student Centre  with the support of the State Service for Intellectual Property, Ukrainian Center of Innovations and Patent Information Services, Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.    The participants of the intramural stage of the competition were 59 representatives from 17 regions of Ukraine and Kyiv.  The theme of design by Dmitry - " SKIF project.  Intelligent hardware and software system for search and rescue and anti-terrorist operations."


Even being a pupil of high-school Dmitry had very bright scientific achivements. He took part in different competitions among high-school students:


"Baltic scientific and engineering competition" held in St. Petersburg, where he won the 2nd place and a special award that is awarded to the best project from a technical point of view - the "Crystal ball";


"Peaceful Space" - 1st place;


"Intel-techno Ukraine" - 1st place.


"When I was in the eleventh grade, I participated in the finals of almost all IT-competitions, where I mostly won, but sometimes it happened to be pleased with a second place. This is because for every competition I was preparing a new research paper.  The ideas and realization were the best of it, but the design of the research part needed more time.  But now I have a number of approved decisions from the patent office to my inventions. This year, I took the first place in all competitions, where I participated.  The secret of my success - it's my project's complexity and topicality. I work in a class of hardware control, using several types of microcontrollers and now also a microcomputer, the software I write myself.


My devices are controlled by different protocols managed by a central computer, a mobile phone and independently. I can open a secret that the project work of SCIF will be continued further as if it is a pure software product, based on a mathematical modeling of collapse of buildings during natural disasters in order to find possible locations of people being affected. The main and most important victories – these are at the Intel, and even, perhaps, the last year's victory in the " Energy and Environment" in the finals in Norway, though the present "Golden byte" and "Infomatrix" is also not less prestigious,"- says the student.


After winning the achievements that even the metropolitan universities would consider to be an honor to have such a student, I decided to enter to the Vinnytsia National Technical University.  "I had pretty high scores in EIT and I could enter to the KPI and to the NAU, but I chose the VNTU.  The main reason - proximity of home.  At home I have a pretty good laboratory, without which I can't work. Besides at the VNTU also studied my father.  In addition, our university has a reputation of a university that encourages students to pursue IT research activities beyond a teaching process, the students of the VNTU participate and win in various international IT-competitions.


I always had and have now a very friendly relationship with teachers from the KPI, they even now share with me the novelties of electronics, modern microcontrollers.  Also my friends are studying at the KPI and NAU. We used to travel when we were pupils to various competitions together, and now have become the rivals in the "Golden Byte".  But this spring we all  together will again represent Ukraine in the World Cup of information technology in Bucharest.  I will also participate in an educational project from the “Texas Instruments” and the finals of the contest "Golden byte", - says Dmitry.

He mentions that he is not disappointed in his choice of the university: "I already have found new talented friends, we will work as a team. I have an absolute understanding of the university leadership at all levels. "