Прес-центр ВНТУ 17.08.2019, 23:53

Within three months, the candidate of technical science, an associate professor of the department of ecology and environmental safety of the Vinnytsia National Technical University, Vitaliy Eshchenko trained at the Dresden Technical University

The associate professor Vitaliy Eshchenko held internships in December 2013 - February 2014 in the Institute of Waste Management and contaminated sites at the Dresden Technical University. This was made possible due to the financial support from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The Dresden Technical University is one of the biggest and one of the oldest technical universities in Germany — here study about 37000 students and work over 4000 employees.

Noteworthy there is that in the German universities almost all employees, except part of people of senior age, freely speak English.  It allows them easily to be integrated in a world science.

During his staying in Dresden the associate professor Eshchenko investigated influence of hard domestic wastes on the environment by performing the analysis of physical and chemical descriptions of filtration. The employees of the institute behaved very friendly and were willingly helping in everything, even if it needed to cut their work on considerable time.  Also there was a possibility to use an enormous modern university library, that at the same time is a main regional library.

"As a theme of my researches is handling hard domestic wastes, so I turned the special attention to what is being done with wastes in Germany.  Almost in every apartment (the house)are assorted the wastes: there is the special capacity for wastes with a few separate pipes.  And near houses there can be up to 10 (!) different containers, where different wastes are thrown out.  For example, for glass of different color are different containers, for a newspaper and magazine paper - also different containers. Although there are houses with a more simple system.  Certainly, not all Germans like it, however their distinguishing feature is — that something can be disliked by them, but they severely adhere to the laws" - Vitaliy shares the impressions.

One of the results of internship of the associate professor Eshchenko also became  putting of the right  contacts  with the German colleagues in relation to a possible exchange by students and scientific cooperation.

"In particular, the representatives of our university for increasing of cooperation are invited to participate in a summer ecological school  that will take place in 2015 on the base of the Dresden technical university.  In addition, in the Institute of handling wastes and muddy areas it was notarized  that they with pleasure will accept other our graduate students and teachers on internship.  Therefore there is a hope on a close further cooperation" - Vitaliy Eshchenko summarized.