Прес-центр ВНТУ 17.08.2019, 23:53

Today, on March 24th at the meeting of the administration of the Vinnytsia National Technical University it was unanimously decided to transfer one day earning of the university faculty and staff to help Ukrainian Army

This initiative was announced by the university accounting department, because  this financial division in the university for about two weeks had a mass appeal of the VNTU employees asking during this dangerous period to the territorial integrity of the country, to transfer funds from their salaries to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Conformance statements by teachers and staff of the VNTU are written at their own will, taking into account the difficult situation that the country is experiencing now. Every day more and more are attached to the university community charitable support of Ukrainian soldiers.

A stack of applications is rather big, and the willing ones who want financially assist to our troops  is becoming more and more.  So, to give the patriotism of colleagues an organizational form, the administration supported this decision.

It is worth to mention that on the 6th of  March at the official website of the Ministry of Defense it was published an appeal from the control of Press and Information Office of the Military Forces of the need for material and moral support from the citizens of Ukraine.

In addition all students, faculty and staff of the VNTU are now actively calling to mobile number "565", transferring  five UAH for logistical and medical support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.