Прес-центр ВНТУ 17.08.2019, 23:53


One of the essential features of a participant of the competition "Miss VNTU" should be courage


Without it you just can't go on stage, can't dare to appear in front of the meticulous jury and a full of spectators hall. Therefore, to all titles that received each contestant should be also added a "Miss courage", and courage, as you know, can help to win over the city, and to receieve the diploma of the Vinnytsia National Technical University, so we wish you a lot of big and small victories in the future.

Competition program "Miss VNTU 2014" was rich and varied, the girls had to transform into images of representatives of various epochs. We have seen our beauties in a medieval castle, in the form of a vamp, at the present dance ball. Acting skills of a contender for the title of "Miss VNTU"  were shown to the public via demonstration of their video business-cards (somebody was in the form of an Indian beauty, some as Neo, but someone as a student in the classroom or at the exam).

It was not easy for beauties in an intellectual contest, but they have convinced the jury and the audience that beauty and intelligence are not incompatible. Their responses to the questions of linking the parable of the two twins in the womb (one twin believes that there is life after birth and there is the mother who takes care of them and the other stubbornly says: "That no one has come back from there yet", i.e. after birth) were meaningful, reasoned and persuasive.

A great variety of different talents of university beauties covered with a powerful wave spectators and harsh judges in the creative competition.  Singing, musical and dancing performances and stand-up comedian jokes were really exciting, but the most memorable were the Indian dance from Anastasiya Kravets, a dance-drama from Olga Myslovskoya and the unforgettable lunar path from Nataliye Annenkovoy.

Alina Panasiuk (InITCE), Yana Ptashinskya (InEEEM), Angelina Belan (InM) won the titles of "Miss Charm" and along with it nice gifts from the Student trade union of the VNTU and the president of the student self-government of the University.  The representative of the Institute of Management also was named the "Miss" Velour " and received a gift from the club "Velour".

The titles of "Vice-Miss of VNTU" with relevant awards were presented to Anastasia Kravets (InAECSM) and Olga Myslovskaya (InRTZP). Voting among the audience to whom to give the title of "Miss of Spectator's choice," coincided with the decision of the jury, and the lady who in 2014 will carry the title of "Miss VNTU" — is Nataliya Annenkova (InBTEGP).


Anatoly Teklyuk,

PhD, Associate Professor,

Deputy Director  of the MCFEU