Прес-центр ВНТУ 17.08.2019, 23:54

This is the second group of students from the Vinnytsia National Technical University who went to Poland due to the academic mobility program "Double Degree"


The first 13 students of our university, who debuted at the Lublin University of Technology in February last year are having there already their graduation projects. And in April they will defend their master's qualification work.  Thus they can simultaneously receive two diplomas with acquired educational qualification levels - national and international ones.


Unfortunately, this year to Lublin went only half of the students from the amount who went there last year - the reason for this is a complicated political situation in Ukraine.  Although the popularity of such training is constantly growing — the Lublin Politechnical University has a very high rank among state univeresities as in Poland and in Europe as well.


All 13 students who shared two technical universities in Lublin and in Vinnytsia are glad to return to Ukraine to implement their professional training at home.  Someone already has not only just ideas, but real, albeit preliminary agreements on creation of the joint Ukrainian-Polish IT-companies.


"Such pragmatic and businesslike orientation of young professionals is explained due to the fact that the  Lublin University is so preparing their students.  In the magistracy students learn only specific professional disciplines.  In addition to this it is done, by their own choice — with the need for future employment,"- says a program coordinator of academic mobility in the VNTU, the head of the educational department of the university, a professor of computer science Tamara SAVCHUK.

"Please note that all classes for our students at the Politechnika Lubelska are being only taught by  highly professional doctors, professors, and only in Polish or English.  However at the Lublin Politechnical University the students of the VNTU study successfully — the  GPA  is about 4.5.  And simulnateously they are amazing their  Polish teachers with their will and  quest for knowledge and a high level of theoretical knowledge and creative attitude to problems "- continues Professor Savchuk.

The VNTU has cooperation on different Programmes of «Academic Mobility» with many universities of European countries. So, the idea of ​​European integration in education at the university is being actively implemented.


There are reasons to hope that eventually all these activities will significantly rise. In particular with universities from Poland, as soon at the VNTU will start working the Polish language training courses. For students and teachers they will be taught by Yan Hlinchevskyi — the Chairman of the Confederation of Poles in Podyllya region, an Honored statesman of Poland and an honorary citizen of Kielce, which is the twin-city to Vinnytsia.


Photo: Vadim Goncharenko first left (Institute of Information Technology and Computer Science), followed by Ludmila Oryschuk (Institute of Management), Andrew Schekalo (InITCE), Pavlo Novalenko (InITCE), Mariya Obidnyk (InM), Irina Krysko (InM) and Dmitry Babyi (InITCE) on the territory of the Lublin castle, where the main tower was probably built by Danilo Galitskyi.