Прес-центр ВНТУ 17.08.2019, 23:54

Since the beginning of April at the Vinnytsia National Technical University will start courses in the Polish language. They will be taught by the head of the Confederation of Poles Yan Hlinchevskyi – an Honored statesman of Poland, an honorary citizen of Kielce, which is a twin –city with Vinnytsia

This is an absolute necessity. The fact is that the VNTU has an extensive cooperation with universities of Poland.

Currently, 20 students are studying both at the VNTU and at the Lublin University of Technology under the program "Double Degree".  There is an adjusted scientific and educational partnership with the Polytechnic Sventokshiske in Kielce, Lodz Technical University and other universities of Poland.

Students under the program "Double Degree" are taught in English and Polish languages. Before the training takes place in universities, they have there a test of knowledge of Polish. If the level is not sufficient, students are offered a condensed three-week language course. Then at the request, already in the process of professional training, it is possible to attend additional classes in Polish.

Young students from Vinnytsia do not have any special difficulties with the Polish language. It is stated that Polish belongs to one of the eight most difficult languages ​​in the world, but for those who know Ukrainian, it comes easy.

But nevertheless the coordinator of programs for academic mobility at the VNTU, the Chief of the Training Division in the VNTU, Professor of Computer Science Tamara SAVCHUK decided to popularize the idea of ​​the Polish language at the university. As having the language skills will considerably expand and revitalize not only the exchange of students, but also the scientific cooperation between the VNTU and Polish universities.

Being informed about the partnership between the VNTU and Polish universities, as well as the interest about Poland at the university, the Consul General of Poland in Vinnytsia Kzysztof Sviderek proposed the creation at the Vinnytsia National Technical University a Center of Polish Culture.  And in terms of this project it is provided the establishment of the Polish language courses.  But in consequence of a tense political situation in Ukraine this volunteer teaching of Polish was postponed for a while.

So, Professor Savchuk reached an agreement with the head of the Confederation of Poles Yan Hlinchevskyi on the organization of language courses.

Some time ago, Mr. Yan Hlinchevskyi  worked at the Department of TOE (now it is the Department of Theoretical electrical and electronic measurement) of our university.

But now he works in the city Council of Kielce which is a part of the committee that is focused on developing partnership with Eastern countries, including Ukraine.

The administrative center of the province Świętokzyskie the city Kielce volunteered to support financially students from the Vinnytsia National Technical University, who wish to study parallel under the program "Double Degree" in Politechnika Świętokrzyska w Kielcach. This idea was warmly supported by Mr. Hlinchevskyy and he strongly contributes to the project.

For language learning are invited students who wish to get along with the Ukrainian diploma the Polish one too.  Also, are invited teachers who have initiatives to scientific cooperation with Polish universities and are willing to read lectures there in Polish about their own original research and development works.

There are already agreements on defending the theses of scientific works for receiving a doctorate level and international degrees – of Świętokrzyskie Polytechnic in Special Council in the VNTU and from Vinnytsa in Kielce.

Polish scholars note a high level of theoretical knowledge of the VNTU students and scholars too.  In appliance with a comprehensive practical training provided by Polish universities, it will provide the desired result.

Now in the Politechnika Świętokrzyska is implemented a program “Erasmus Mundus”.  It is a  student’s exchange program, established by the European Union to increase the mobility of European students and enhance the quality of higher education through the funding of academic cooperation between Europe and the rest of the world.

"VNTU is offered to join to this program.  Joint researches are initiated, necessary cooperation between the departments of our universities. The teachers of the VNTU are invited to improve their skills in Sventokshiske Polytechnic and students to practice. The VNTU teachers who know Polish or English can teach at the Politechnika Świętokrzyska », - concludes Professor Tamara Savchuk.