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Specialists of IT Academy Microsoft at the Vinnytsia National Technical University are adopting virtualization technology into the learning process at Vinnytsia school № 35


Details on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine



Microsoft IT Academy at the VNTU, which was established in 2008, is the region's leading center of learning technologies in Microsoft. During its work the Academy implemented a number of projects for virtualization, optimization of IT infrastructure, introduction of new products.


Head of IT Academy Microsoft is a candidate of technical sciences, an Associate Professor Yuri Yaremchuk — a Director of the Center for Information Technology and Information Security at the VNTU.

Thanks to Microsoft Terminal Services, students have access to the familiar interface of OS Windows from different devices.  It was used an old equipment that is not suitable for the learning process, but became a great solution for terminal stations.


There was installed a server on a base of a processor Intel Xeon E5. It was used a software Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 with the service Microsoft Terminal Services.  Computers running Linux and obsolete technology were transferred to the operating mode "Thin Client" beefed classes using thin clients LuxS TC-11SE. To share teaching materials and continuous interaction between teachers and pupils has been implemented a special computer service Office 365. To fully interact with such services was used a software Microsoft Office 2013.


Hardware and software implementation of the project, including installation, configuration and setup of IT was conducted by professionals from the Academy of Microsoft at the VNTU.


The result of this work became the work of two classrooms with 23 workstations. Each of the students received their environment to work with all the necessary software.  In addition, the number of working seats can be increased through the use of personal devices, such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, smartphones and more.  It was also possible to use remote working seats in their spare time, or, for example, during the period of quarantine.


The cost of the solution is much lower than purchase of new PCs.  In addition, there is not required additional staff - all configuration is performed centrally from the server. Since all the applications are installed on the server, their performance can be done by a maintenance system administrator. Terminal systems also include setting permissions of users on the software - for example, a student may work with mail and office suite and training applications, and teachers with system utilities. Terminal systems allow teachers to get connected to the client user session and remotely assist them.


Adding of new jobs is made by ​​simple installation of new terminals and their quick configuring at the server. The new workplace does not need to have installation and configuring of the operating system or to install applications and their configuration.  If we have the growth of the customer database and we lack the power of the server it can be done its modernization or to install an additional server, creating a terminal cluster and configuring a load balancing scheme between its nodes.  This step will increase the performance of the system.


All data is stored on the server, so, ther is no need to worry about regarding its loss, for example, when happen hardware failures or fluctuations in electrical grids.  The backup on the same server is performed much easier than on all PCs.  Students should have a limit in the use of software, the risk of data loss due to software failure or virus attack is minimized.  Anti-virus applications monitor only one server and not the entire infrastructure in general.


Microsoft IT Academy of the Vinnytsia National Technical University has provided free training for high school science teachers with virtualization and IT infrastructure management so that they are free to support embedded in them system and make the most of its advantages. School science teachers maintain constant communication with experts of the academy, taking part in various events organized by the Academy.  In part, to these events are also involved the pupils.

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