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Institute of Automation, Electronics and Computer Systems Management of the Vinnytsia National Technical University celebrates its 40 years


Celebrations on the occasion of the anniversary in a large assembly hall of university opened  the Director  InAECSM- Doctor of technical science, Professor Oleg Bisikalo. He briefly described the history and achievements of the Institute, outlined future plans.


We have much to be proud of. Our department (known originally as FAOT, then FAM, FA and FAKSU - in 2002 received its current name AEKSM Institute) has always been one of the leaders of the educational process, not only in VPI-VSTU-VNTU, but also among related academic departments of all technical colleges of the country.  Modern InAECSM based on its 19 specialized training labs provides  a balanced  comprehensive training in broad field of applied computer systems and information technology.


The Institute now includes 6 departments, 4 of which are outlet (automation and information-measuring devices (AIMD), Computer Control Systems (CCS), Laser and Optoelectronic Technology (LOT), Metrology and Process Automation (MPA)) and 2 General departments of fundamental (general Physics and Photonics (GPP) and integrating education with production (IEP).


In InAECSM are 11 doctors and 52 candidates of science, three Honorary Scientists of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, education of Ukraine. The average proportion of teachers InAECSM with scientific degrees and academic titles exceeds 90%, the highest among scientific and educational institutions at the VNTU.


In InAECSM since 2001 has been published an international scientific journal " Optoelectronic information and energy technologies ." At the departments of CSU, LOT, MPA and ZFF regularly host prestigious international scientific and technical conferences. "Monitoring and control in complex systems ", " Photonics SLM ", " measurement , control and diagnosis of technical systems ", " The application of lasers in medicine and biology ." Each year, held the second round of open nationwide student competition " KSUA " and , alternating with intervals of three years, the second round of nationwide student research areas of "Informatics and Cybernetics " and " science , computer engineering and automation ."


But the faculty and the institution - is primarily people whom fate brought together in education, in science, in joint projects . InAECSM became a notable educational center largely because of its scientific and teaching staff which began to take shape with two powerful top research schools to the then Soviet Union level. This research school professors Victor Malikov , who unfortunately passed away prematurely, and Ivan Kuzmin, the 90-year anniversary of whom we recently celebrated. In the 80 -ies of the last century emerged and gained recognition due to the creation of the -Union SCB " Kvantron " scientific school of Prof. Kozhemiako .


Our graduates, who now make up the vast majority of professors InAECSM.


During this time, evolved and gained not only national, but also international recognition of scientific schools Doctors of technical sciences, Professors, Heads of departments Roman Kvetnyy, Vladimir Podzharenko (who, unfortunately, has passed away), Vladimir Dubovoy, Sergei Pavlov and Vladimir Kucheruk. Graduates - that's our pride and weighty part in the formation of the intellectual elite of Vinnitsa, Vinnitsa region and Ukraine.


Exactly our graduates for their hard work earned a high brand reputation to the  InAECSM.

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Photo Essay by Sergei Markov is in the Photo Gallery of the University