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First - the regional stage of the Ukrainian Collegiate Programming Contest, which has a status of 1/8 world championship in programming of ACM ICPS was held at the Vinnytsia National Technical University

Details on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine


These prestigious competitions were held in the basic institutions of higher education in all regional centers of Ukraine. Over 700 teams (that's more than 2000 participants) took part in the competition starting.


Actually at the VNTU for victory, and thus access to the next - the regional stage of the competition,  struggled 59 teams from five universities of Vinnytsia region: Vinnytsia National Technical University (40 teams); Vinnitsa State Pedagogical University named after  Kotsyubinsky (2 teams); Vinnytsia National Agrarian University (4 teams); Vinnitsa Trade and Economics Institute KNTEU (1 team), Vinnitsa Finance and Economics University (2 teams).


Outside the competition were students of Vinnytsia physical and mathematical school № 17    (3 teams), Vinnytsia technical Lyceum (5 teams) and Vinnitsa secondary school № 2 (1 team).


So in the VNTU competed more teams participating in all regions of Ukraine - as student and school ones.  For example, from all universities of Kyiv gathered only 49 teams. By the way, this year in the competition could also demonstrate their professional creative, IT-specialists.


The teams, each made ​​up of three people, was offered to the solution 13 tasks of different difficulty levels. Competed in different categories- apart classic, technical, educational, natural and economic universities.


In a group of technical universities:

The first place won team of students from the VNTU Michael Hranik, Sergei Kashubina and Oleg Morfiyantsya (Coach - Vladimir Mesyura). This is the strongest team of the VNTU that this summer will represent the VNTU in programming in the world championship which will be held on 21 - 26 June in Yekaterinburg (Russia).


Two second places also won a team of VNTU students:


Eugenya Zelenska, Tatiana Polhgul and Maxim  Mateychuk (coach Vladimir Mesyura)


Charykov Sergei, Sergei Mazurok and Yuri  Shmerchuk (coach - Igor Arsenyuk)


Three third places were also given to students of VNTU:

Dmitry Stepanjuk, Maxim Strelbitskiy, Alexander Dudnik;

Peter Hawryluk,  Bogdan Stakhov, Oleh Yavorovych;


Vladislav Ossipenko, Anton Cherednikov, Alexander Goncharuk.


Coach of all the teams which took third place is Vladimir Maydanyuk.


Under pedagogical universities:

Here won the team of VSPU named after M. Kotsyubinsky - Alexander Baydatsky, Alex Voytovyk, Natalia Opanasenko.


Coached team Alexander Zhmurko.


Under natural Universities:

Here won  a team of VNAU - Peter Kovalchuk, Svetlana Makolkina, Anastasia Starinetz.

Coached team Palamarchuck Eugene.


Under Economic University won students of VTEI KNTEU Victor Shtefaniuk, Stas Chornomaz, Andrew Ilyaschuk  (coach - Vitaly Supryhan).


In school group:

first place - students FMG number 17 (Anton Zuev, Elliah Ihushev, Ruslan Sakevych, coach - Natalia Pidluzhnyak);


second place - students VTL (Oleg Lamzin, Rostislav Kotoschuk, Vladislav Kononyuk, coach - Nina Yefremenyuk);


third place - students FMG number 17 (Catherine Mazurkiewicz, Dmitry Katrychuk, Eugene Popadyuk, coach - Natalia Pidluzhnyak).


In the group of IT professionals in the Vinnitsa region the first place gained programmers of a company "Componentix"  Vladimir Hrychyna  and Yuri Sahno.


So the second exit at the next Olympiad, which is 1/4 of the world championship on programming, won 4 strongest teams of the VNTU, as well as one of the best teams from VSPU, VNAU, VTEI KNTEU and VFEU. There will be a contest this fall in Khmelnytsky National University.


Contest Sponsors were: company «Sitecore Ukraine», the company "Epicenter K", company «Win Interaclive LLC».


Vladimir MESYURA,

An honoured teacher in education of Ukraine, Professor of Computer Science department at the VNTU, Coordinator of the All-Ukrainian Collegiate Programming Contest, director of the Ukrainian site in the South East Europe region.



An honoured teacher in education of Ukraine, an Associate Professor of the VNTU, the coordinator of the first phase of Ukrainian Collegiate Programming Contest in Vinnytsia region


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