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Vita Ivchanska, a Master student of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Cybernetics, due to the charity foundation of Bogdan Hawrylyshyn and NGO "Youth Alternative" visited Switzerland


The program "Young people will change the country", which is funded with support from Bogdan Hawrylyshyn allows groups of young 6 people visit different countries.


The group where was Vita consisted of representatives from Vinnytsia, Rivne, Kherson, Kiev, Donetsk and Sumy regions.


Young people studied profoundly the decentralization of power, especially decision-making by consensus, and investigated the environmental, economic, social, political situation in Switzerland. They visited Zurich - one of the most expensive cities in the world, and Bern - the capital of Switzerland.


Switzerland - a country that has four official languages ​​- German (64%), French (19%), Italian (8%), Romansh (0.6%). But almost every citizen of the country is fluent in English. When asked by the young Ukrainians: "Would you like to have one official language?" The answer was simple - "No!".


Education. Excellent schools (visited Zurich University, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Bern University).


Also visited Zurich city council where met with reporters of the local newspaper, who interviewed about events in Ukraine. And talking to lawyers questioned about the advantages and disadvantages of joining the European Union.


"It is an excellent opportunity to learn from the experience of a highly developed country.  And the first thing I realized that we need to raise the public activity of the population, which will select what it needs, and what - no. The absence of a bribe - that's what we can implement in our life today. I changed my opinion on bilingualism. Previously I was totally against it, but now I realize that the eastern part of Ukraine is entitled to its choice, and we live in a democratic country.  But with the introduction of the two official languages the knowledge ​​of Ukrainian  - is required.  Environmental improvements in the country depend not only on the actions of the state, but also from all of us "- sums up  Vita.