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Project SKIF.  Intelligent hardware and software system for search and rescue and anti-terrorist operations" of DmitryKreviy, a freshman of the Institute ITCI in the VNTU was marked with a "bronze" medal of the International Competition of computer projects among pupils and students "INFOMATRIX - 2014" (Romania)


In Bucharest at the "INFOMATRIX - 2014" on the 8-12 May young computer scientists from 43 countries were representing 258 projects. They competed in 5 categories: Programming; Information Engineering; robotics; computer art; Short-time movies.


Ukraine was represented by six winners of the national stage conducted by the National environmental center of pupils this year in March.


"I visited the European country for the first time. I was struck by the precise organization of the competition. The competition was held in international computer school in Bucharest.   The projects were defended in English. The works that were submitted in the competition had a high level of performance and serious topics - for example, "Managing by thought."  In addition to the competitive events it was possible to take part in the robototics fighting  - "Sumo" and high-speed races - «Linefollower» - says Dmitry.


Ukrainian team «INFOMATRIX - 2014" personally congratulated the ambassador of our country in Romania.  For young IT talents was organized a great tour of Bucharest.


"I could have achieved higher results, but I lacked experience in competitions of this level.  So I have already begun work on a new project, taking into account the current failures so to be ready to next year «INFOMATRIX - 2015" and successfully perform "- says about his plans the freshman of the Institute of Information Technology and Computer Engineering at the VNTU DmitryKreviy.


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