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Professor of the VNTU Oleg Bisikalo returned from Germany, where he trained at the Technical University of Darmstadt


Within three months, PhD, Director of the Institute of Automation, Electronics and Computer Systems of the Vinnytsia National Technical University Oleg Bisikalo held internship at the Technische Universität of Darmstadt.


Living in Germany, Professor Bisikalo was fully funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine - in the framework of training undergraduate and postgraduate training of scientific and pedagogical workers abroad.


130-year history and achievements of the TU Darmstadt contributed to providing a 150-thousand Darmstadt (federal state of Hessen) the official status of the "city of science". Now 158 buildings of the TUD are occupying 30 hectares of Darmstadt, and the annual budget is made up of 293 million euros of federal and 160 million euros of additional non-state funding.


The head of the Institute AEKSU of the VNTU get acquainted in detail with the educational process CS - Computer Science Faculty of the ponderous German university. He attended lectures, practical and laboratory training classes of master's cycle, which were conducted by leading experts of the faculty CS TUD.


Oleg Volodimirovitch has done research in the UKP Lab - Laboratory processing of knowledge of free access TU Darmstadt. The study concerned the development of the scientific direction of Professor Bisikalo - methodological and mathematical foundations of textual information processing technology based on imagery analysis and synthesis of natural language constructions.


Vinnitsa scientist in Darmstadt developed his own software package DKPro Core components to determine the relationships between the English-speaking pecularities for major literary texts. Improved and installed his own software package DKPro Core components to implement models for support of limited types of dialogue. Conducted experimental research on imagery indexing of large English texts and support the dialogue systems.


Then he made ​​a presentation before German colleagues on the obtained results of his research. He received rave and exciting reviews, as well as an offer for cooperation in the future. Currently, according to arrangements, Oleg Volodimirovitch together with the local scientists is preparing several articles in international scientific journals of Computational Linguistics.


Experience on the development of modern information technology in the field of machine processing of natural languages​​, which he received in the TUD, Oleg Volodimirovitch now begins to use in studies that are conducted in the Research Center of Applied and Computational Linguistics of the VNTU.


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