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  • Fountain

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  • The Arch

    Arch - decoration second building...
  • Culture

    The high level of culture of our students...
  • Cisco

    In our university are Cisco and Microsoft Academy ......
  • Sports

    Football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, boxing, athletics, chess ...


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Paul Mazur, a freshman of the Institute of Engineering and Transportation, took fourth place in the competition of the III Eurasia Cup in aviamodel sports (cord models), which is also the part of the World Cup


Details on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine


YouTube Yak 55m - 3d flight



Such significant achievements in sports career of the guy exist already a lot. Paul Mazur - a Candidate Master of Sports in air combat.  He is the champion of Ukraine in 2012.  He has won an absolute  first place in the World Cup and won the Cup of Eurasia in 2013.


The current success added points  to a rating list of the athlete as the winner of the World Cup.
Paul took part in class F2D - a model of an air combat.


"In my class of models  flew 63 pilots from Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Great Britain, Hungary, Moldova, Germany and Poland.  In competitions of class F2D the goal is - "to cut" your opponent's ribbon by your plane. But to make it is very difficult, because at such tournaments took part very experienced athletes - mainly candidates for master of sports who fly like real aces "- says Paul.


In aircraft model sports a huge popularity have cord model airplanes.  They are controlled by steel strands - cords.  A pilot acting on them controls the model and makes it fly horizontally or perform different evolution within the hemisphere above the earth which radius is the length of cords.  Such models are usually fitted with internal combustion engines.  Competitions and training are most convenient to perform on the flying grounds.


Paul became interested in model aircraft sports since his childhood, when he was a third form pupil.  He received sports training  in Vinnitsa City Palace of Children and Youth.  Today he is a well-known and respected among Ukrainian athletes, has many friends abroad.  He often receives invitations from them to train together.


Now Paul is studying at the department - automation technology engineering at a specialty "Engineering Mechanics".


"My class - F2D in cord and F3M in radiomodels.  I am concerned about them, because it is - the adrenaline! "- says Paul.


F3M - this is a big aircraft model that during the flight maneuvers under the influence of aerodynamic steering surface, which is directed by radio signals from the pilot.


What is the model aircraft sport ?


A pure theorist begins to explain that this is a technical sport where participants compete in the design and manufacture of aircraft models and how to manage them when flying at speed, distance, flight duration and performance aerobatics.


Paul answers briefly: "model aircraft sport - that's life, combined with the sky!"


More details on the website of the Online Press Center of the VNTU


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