Прес-центр ВНТУ 17.08.2019, 23:56


Such an agreement was reached during a visit to the VNTU of the official delegation from Kielce headed by its Mayor Tomas Bohunski


The delegation of city council besides its head Thomas Bohunski included Andrzej Kashytski - Chancellor of the Diocese Keletska, Iwona Kiyevska - Director of Union of high school in Kielce named after Jozef Pilsudski, Carol Hadovski - inspector for International Cooperation of Strategic Development of Kielce.


In talks with the rector of the VNTU, PhD, Professor Vladimir Grabko was discussed the implementation of programs of academic mobility of students "Double Degree" and increased scientific cooperation between the VNTU and the Technical University "Politehnica Sventokshiske" in Kielce, as universities-partners.

To support Ukraine and Vinnytsia, which is twinned to Kielce, the local mayor's office from the following school year launches a special scholarship fund for students of the VNTU who will study at Politechnika Świętokrzyska.  It is early to publish financial details until are signed official documents.  But there is a reason to assure that financial support will be very significant and meaningful.


"The cooperation of the VNTU with the Polytechnic Sventokshiske will be held not only through a program " Double Degree ".  Community Treaty provides also joint scientific research as a necessary assistance between the departments of both universities.  By the way, VNTU teachers who know Polish or English can teach at Politechnika Świętokrzyska, while leading teachers of the  university-partner will be invited to lecture at the VNTU "- draws attention a coordinator of academic mobility program  at the VNTU, professor of computer science Tamara Savchuk .


And already today - even in this academic year a scientific cooperation started briskly.  Immediately there was a visit in response to Kielce, namely to Politechnika Świętokrzyska, this  trip was made by the ​​head of the Department of theoretical electrical and electronic measuring, PhD, Professor Vasil Kuharchuk and candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor Vyacheslav Madyarov.


They agreed to cooperate between scientific schools of the Institute of Electricity and Electromechanics of the VNTU and colleagues from the  Polytechnic Sventokshiske.  Here it means joint research works, international graduation projects, including the passage about  work practice by undergraduate university students of universities-partners, defending the thesis for academic degrees by scholars of the VNTU in Kielce, and by scholars from Swietokrzyski - in our university, training of scientific and pedagogical staff.