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For four months an undergraduate of the Institute of Information Technology and Computer Science Sergey Kashubin has been trained at the Zurich office of Google (Switzerland)


Details on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine


Google Office (Zurich) – is the largest of all Google offices in Europe and Central Asia.


"Switzerland is different because of extremely high prices (Zurich is in the top 5 most expensive cities to live in the world), but it also has a high level of service and salary.  Before the trip, I had heard from many people that the Swiss - people are reserved, cold and unwelcoming, but during all 4 months of my staying there I met only nice and friendly people.  One of the most pleasant ones was the owner of a room which I rented – he is a folk musician and a member of music group “DeadBrothers”- says Sergey.


Most of all, Switzerland is striking with its transportation system - instead of the subway here operates a dense network of ground trains for local and long-distance destination. They run every few minutes, always arrive on time and let get to the Google office for half an hour, even from remote areas of the Zurich canton (so in Switzerland call an area which is similar to our region).


Google wins the title of 'Best Employer' several years in a row.  Working at Google – is a Dream for programmers.  Zurich office stands out for its innovativeness.


«Google Office (Zurich) has two buildings - a four-and seven-story, and provides all necessary opportunities for comfortable work and rest.  It has two athletic gyms, a gym, a music room, where at any time are available for play a piano, synthesizer, electric guitar, drum set, etc., games room (with a basketball machine!), video games room (with Nitendo, Playstation, Xbox), a room for meditation, recreation room, where it is prohibited to talk, massage chairs, a library where you can find not only books, but also a giant collection of board games and those who want to play them gather every Tuesday and Friday, a laundry room (with washing machines and dryers, two showers, many micro kitchens with a lot of different drinks and dishes and most importantly - three-dining restaurants with a free and very delicious food!  One of them specializes in Oriental cuisine, the other - in Italian, and the third provides everything without limits.  I had the opportunity to try national meals - roshti, raclette, Swiss sausages and alpine pasta, enjoy a week of vegetarian dishes from the chef's oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world, enjoy fried octopus and many other exotics! "- recalls Sergei.

During the work Sergey Kashubin learned how operate a variety of projects in Google, how is organized a workflow.  Perhaps the most surprising thing was how hard people work and how selflessly they are trying to help.


Still, the guy says:


"But do not think that everything is perfect - like in all large code bases, there are unpleasant, not clear and ineffective pieces of code.  The difference is that anyone can fix the code that does not suit you, and I had to do this several times as well. I had an excellent qualification’s training and gained invaluable experience working as a team ".


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