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Within the European Sustainable Energy Week which started on the 23rd and finished on June 27th, in Vinnytsia National Technical University is held an International scientific-practical seminar "Energy-efficient sustainable urban development and technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions"




The plenary session was held on June 23.  Before the audience made his report the ​​Director of Municipal Economy department of the Vinnytsia City Council Vasil Brovarnyk and graduate students and leading scientists from various departments of the VNTU - Gas Supply; Car and Transport Management; Electronics; Computer ecological-economic monitoring and engineering graphics; Computer Science; planning and architecture; metrology and industrial automation; renewable energy and transportation  electrical systems and complexes; power plants and systems.


"Reports concerned controlling the composition of flue gas boilers; efficient production of energy-saving technology of building materials and products for building structures and buildings to upgrade and repair their roofs and walls; renewable energy (replacement of natural gas with liquefied gas, obtaining energy from organic waste, wind energy); reduction of operating costs of vehicles and improvement of the ecological state of the city through the use of biodiesel fuel in car transportation; identify sources of abnormal gas emissions into the atmosphere; data analysis for power consumption of enterprises and institutions of the city; prediction the occurrence of emergencies and improving the reliability of the city electricity supply, etc. "- says the director of the Institute of Masters, postgraduate and doctoral studies, head of environmental and economic computer monitoring and engineering graphics of the VNTU, a member of the advisory committee on sustainable development of energy-efficient in the Vinnytsia City Council, PhD, Professor Vitaly Mokin.


Statements of the university scientists quite interested members of the Vinnytsia City Council.


Most inventions and developments discussed at the meeting, could be seen clearly - for the review was offered an exhibition of inventions from the scientists of the VNTU on problems of preserving energy.


More details on the web-site of the Online Press Center in the  VNTU