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Anastasia Krasnoshchok, a senior student of our university, had more than a two months Traineeship at FCT-UNL - Faculty of Science and Technology of the New University of Lisbon


In the New University of Lisbon (UNIVERSIDADE NOVA DE LISBOA) have previously trained graduates of our our VNTU Ruslan Prosolovsky, Julia Zielinska and Julia Samigullina, Master student Anna Popolavska.  Also, Ph.D., Associate Professor Alexander Burykin.


Training in Portugal of a student of the Vinnytsia National Technical University Anastasia Krasnoshchok like her predecessors, has been provided financially by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine - in the framework of training undergraduate students and postgraduate ones, training of scientific and pedagogical personnel abroad.


UNL (New University of Lisbon) - Portuguese State University, founded in 1973. The five departments and four institutes of the UNL / Nova are situated in different parts of the Portuguese capital.


Anastasia’s stay in Lisbon was taken care by Professor of Physics Department of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the New University of Lisbon Valentina Vasilenko.  Mrs. Vasilenko was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of Vinnytsia National Technical University.  After all, due to her assistance 10 years ago, was signed the agreement on cooperation between the VNTU and the New University of Lisbon.


The purpose of Anastasia’s training - increasing of theoretical and practical training including the specialized disciplines: biomechanics and hemodynamics; digital image processing. As well as practical research work in the laboratories of FCT-UNL.


Vinnytsia’s student conducted research at laboratories of FCT-UNL on optical microscope «Optical microscope ECLIPSE NIKON LV 100" of various chemical and biological objects and was working on processing the data.  As well as successfully mastered the program ANSYS.  Among ANSYS Anastasia independently simulated aorta.


Anastasia Krasnoshchok also took part in the Open Days at the Faculty of Science and Technology UNL.


Going to the most western European country, Anastasia picked as the most necessary attribute - the national flag of Ukraine.  And in quite a short time most of the inhabitants of the New University of Lisbon hostel where young Ukrainian settled already welcomed initially with Anastasia, and then with each other - "Glory to Ukraine!"


The girl took part in Shevchenko readings held at the Faculty of Literature UNL.  She found friends with whom sang songs of “Okean Elzy” and tasted our Ukrainian dishes.


She knows how to spend time - so, she had time to study and to travel.


She visited the place, "where the land ends and the sea begins" - at Cape Roca.  It's all alone edge of the Eurasian continent.  Next - the Atlantic Ocean.

Made friends with a  Puertorican student who lived for a while in Frankivsk and now longs for Galicia.  He asked Nastya to sing a famous funny folk song "You cheated on me."  He claimes that there is no better country than Ukraine.


"I quite agree with him! It was such a pride!  Overall I am very satisfied with my training - a new experience and a sea of new friends.  And I am sure: our Ukraine is the best and I would not have gone out of my country somewhere else for a long time! "- says Nastya.


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