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The competition “Mr. Charm of VNTU” dedicated to the Day of Defender of the Motherland was held at the university




The competitors had to pass 5 tests. They got their first scores for a patriotic image of Cossacks consisting of a video presentation prepared in advance and a representation. All participants received the highest scores from the jury.


But in the second contest “Presentation” scores slightly changed the situation. Here Vitalii Pryimuk (the Institute of Power Engineering and Electromechanics) got the highest score.


In the intellectual contest the participants had to answer tricky questions of the erudite and PhD, Associate Professor Anatolii Tekliuk. Though the contestants feared this test most of all they coped very nicely.  The brightest answers were given by Yurii Sydorchuk (the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Cybernetics) and Vladyslav Shevchenko (the Institute of Civil Engineering, Thermal Power Engineering and Gas Supply).


Vitalii Bokhenko became a favorite of the creative contest. For his original vocal Vitalii received the highest score of the jury. Also the jury was impressed by the performance of Vladyslav Shevchenko, the charming voice of Vitalii Pryimuk and the masterly guitar playing of Yevhen Shemchuk (the Institute of Automatics, Electronics and Computer Control Systems).


Vadym Chornyi (the Institute of Manegment) and his team with beautiful lyrical vocal and choreographic performance, Vitalii Podoliak (the Institute of Machine Building and Transport) with graceful rumba, Yurii Sydorchuk with the formula of an ideal creative performance and Anton Balanenko (the Institute of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering) with his favorite KVN team “Spetsii” (“Spices”) were evaluated by the jury with high scores and ovation of the grateful audience.


The contest "Choreography" proved that the participants are masters of this genre. They perfectly managed with the staging of Oleh Filippov.


Anton Balanenko got the first nomination “Gentleman of the Party” and the prize, which was presented by Ihor Boiko, a co-founder of the Club “Gentlemen”. Yevhen Shemchuk won “Mr. Charm of Audience Award”. The titles “Vice Mr. Charm of VNTU” along with the prizes from the student union committee of VNTU were awarded to Yurii Sydorchuk and Vitalii Pryimuk.


Victory in the competition and the title of “Mr. Charm of VNTU” was awarded to the student of the Institute of Civil Engineering, Thermal Power Engineering and Gas Supply − Vladyslav Shevchenko!!!


Kateryna Fedorenko,

Director of the Club of VNTU

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Photos “Mr. CHARM of VNTU 2014”