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If the number of wins obtained by an educational institution within a year at international competitions were recorded in the Guinness Book of records, VNTU, of course, would be the nominee.




During 2014 students of Vinnytsia National Technical University received an unprecedented harvest of victories, which by the end of the year will definitely fill up.


Russia has not recovered yet from the confident victory of VNTU students at Open International Competition of Computer Graphics “The Earth” and there is again a great breakthrough at the International Student Olympiad “Vector 3D + Graphics” in Russia.




12 victories in different nominations were received by students of our University at the International Competition “Vector 3D + Graphics” that was held in Magnitogorsk, Cheliabinsk region in Russia.


The work of Konstiantyn Snopov, the winner of “Vector 3D + Graphics”


The first Vice-Rector of VNTU, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Oleksandr Romaniuk trained 10 winners. It was his initiative to create the Studio of computer graphics in our University. Now under the direction of Professor Romaniuk the Studio trains talented youth who can win at international intellectual competitions.


− And still, Professor Romaniuk, is it patriotic to participate at international competitions held in Russia?


− Every victory in Russia is pathetic especially at such uneasy time. It's a kind of intellectual challenge for our neighbour. We make Russia’s nose swell. We understand that today have no right to lose. So our students are a kind of intellectual warriors!


While being at the Conference and annual meeting of AutoDesk coordinators in Moscow I and three students didn’t cloak our badges that said we are from Ukraine, though understood how it could have gone for us.


− Please, tell us more about the contest “The Earth”.


It is the second time we participate in this contest.


The contest “The Earth” is supported by the Heroes of the Soviet Union, cosmonauts Gennadii Manakov and Sergei Krikalov who are the members of the jury. Students of VNTU won 7 prizes at this competition. The competition was attended by young people from Germany, Israel, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Bashkorstan. There were more than a thousand of contest entries at the VIII Open International Competition of Computer Graphics “The Earth”.


Among the winners are the first-year students – Vadym Varlamov, Dmytro Gedz, Oleh Dosuzhyi and Olena Koval.


−         And what was interesting at the International Student Olympiad “Vector 3D + Graphics”?


This question is addressed to the colleague of Professor Romaniuk − Victoriia Voitko, Deputy Director of the Institute of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering, Assistant Professor of Technical Sciences.


−         The competition was held in Magnitogorsk.

To participate in this competition was a bit risky because Magnitogorsk students specialize in the study of specialized graphics software and we were “amateurs”. But we completely occupied the podium of winners in the nomination “Modeling of virtual reality” with  using 3Dmax system package and in the “unusual” for us nomination “Graphic Design” (package CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop) Dmytro Shchelkanov, a freshman of VNTU got the 2nd prize.


In total we won 5 prizes at this competition.


By the way, the competition was attended by students from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


− What is unusual in this contest?


The competition was held remotely for 4 hours. The organizers announced the subject at the exact time. Due to the large time difference I and the first Vice-Rector Romaniuk had to wake the students on the phone wishing them to win.


−         What way do university and institutes encourage the winners in?


Unfortunately, we do not have the financial resources to do it. But Dmytro Gedz, the student of VNTU received 5 000 roubles from the organizing committee for the victory at the International Competition in 3D Graphics in Toliatti (Russia).


− Do VNTU students have won in competitions abroad?


Unfortunately, participation in such competitions is problematic for us because according to contest terms the fee is supposed. And it is, as a rule, more than $ 100!


But there are also successes abroad. Oleh Dosuzhyi, a student of the Institute of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering won the prestigious international competition  Computer Space (Bulgaria). President Rosen Plevneliev himself handed Computer Space statuettes to the winners at the magnificent ceremony in Sofia. Unfortunately, due to the lack of funding Oleh Dosuzhyi could not travel to Sofia.


VNTU students won 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals at the Vth International Competition in Computer Graphics “Creativity without limits” in the town of Haskovo (Bulgaria). It is extremely great victory!


In autumn at the international competition “Middle East” in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) VNTU students worthily represented Ukraine and entered the top ten teams. Unfortunately, the winners were determined only from Muslim countries.