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In 2015 State Enterprise “National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom” − the operator of all operating nuclear power plants in Ukraine − activates and significantly expands cooperation with VNTU


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Before the New Year's holidays the representatives of “Energoatom” have visited Vinnytsia National Technical University twice.`


At first they got acquainted with the material and technical base used for teaching students of the speciality “Power Plants”of the Institute of Power Engineering and Electromechanics. Now it is in our university as well as in Lviv Polytechnic National University that students of this speciality, which previously mastered such a profession in Sevastopol National University of Nuclear Energy and Industry and then expressed a desire to continue their education in other universities of Ukraine, continue to study.


And on December 29 Volodymyr Pyshnyi, Vice-President of NNEGC “Energoatom”, being inVNTU handed the University a mobile information stand about the Ukrainian nuclear power. Also Volodymyr Maksymovych presented a selection of professional literature in nuclear power.


This mobile stand is designed by the experts of “Energoatom” specifically for VNTU to interest students and school leavers in nuclear industry.


There is a map of the location of nuclear power plants and energy facilities in Ukraine, the main equipment of domestic NPP reactors, the information on nuclear fuel used in NPPs, the outlook for the development of nuclear power in Ukraine, etc., on the banners.


The delegation from “Energoatom” met with Vasyl Leontiev, the Director of the Institute of Power Engineering and Electromechanics of VNTU, Associate Professor, Petro Lezhniuk, the Head of the Department of Electric Power Stations and Systems, Dr. of Technical Sciences, Professor, Oleksandr Rubanenko and Viacheslav Komar, Candidates of Technical Sciences, Associate Professors of the Department of Electric Power Stations and Systems.


First of all they discussed cooperation expanding and improving the quality of training.


Also Volodymyr Pyshnyi handed certificates to ten students of the speciality “Power Plants” that study at various courses of the Institute of Power Engineering and Electromechanics of VNTU. The certificate certifies that in addition to the basic scholarship these future professionals will be paid a professional scholarship in the amount of 1000 UAH by the NNEGC “Energoatom”.


Oleksandr Rubanenko, Candidate of Technical Sciences − one of the best teachers of the Institute of Power Engineering and Electromechanics − is also awarded with the Professional Prize from NNEGC “Energoatom”.


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