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Serhii Zhuravlov, a graduate of the Institute of Music and Dance “Ganesha-Natialaia” in Delhi (India), gives classes in Practical Culture “Culture, religion, philosophy by the language of Indian dance” for students of VNTU


His master classes have enjoyed remarkable demand in Ukraine. For 18 years the students of our university have been getting familiar with Indian dances on the initiative of Professor Tamara Buialska who launched such a unique kind of classes − a cultural workshop,. Teachers always carry out peculiar lecture-concerts in Practical Culture with the participation of artists. And for all these years Serhii Zhuravlov has been helping students comprehend, understand and love the refinement of Indian dance, its philosophy and its symbolism.


This time, as usual, the maestro’s performance has consisted of two main directions of the classical dance program: the main dance of India − Bharatanatyam and no less important and very popular Kathak. Nataliia Zhuravlova showed a folk dance of the State of Punjab − Bhangra. Serhii Zhuravlov himself sang songs of Indian cinema in Hindi.


And this time Serhii Zhuravlov has performed only with his younger daughter Nataliia. His elder daughter Lida, whom the University audience is already used to, is now studying in Thailand.


“To understand the dance requires explanation. This enables viewers to tune themselves to see, think, dream and enjoy what they see. Explanation of dance is practiced even in India,” Maestro Serhii Zhuravlov says. “Students enthusiastically perceive our shows judging from their applause and great questions asked after the program. I am very happy that I can bring the youth to such a wonderful art − an Indian dance. They may not often see it in live. Years later they recall these lessons in Practical Culture  devoted to Indian dances and say that these classes were the brightest and the most interesting. Such a confession to me is very touching and enjoyable!”


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Photo report by Serhii Markov is available at the Photo Gallery of the University