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Volodymyr Mesiura, the coach of VNTU team in programming (the team has become a  World Championship finalist,three times) got the highest educational award — Kostiantyn Ushynskyi medal, which has the status of a state one




And this year Vinnytsia National Technical University team is likely to compete for the victory at the World student championship in programming for the fourth time!!!




The medal of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine “Ushynskyi K.D.” is rewarded to educators, scientists and organizers of education for significant achievements in the field of pedagogical science and personal contribution into the development of Ukrainian education.


Volodymyr Mesiura, an excellent educator of Ukraine, candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor of the  Department of Computer Sciences of Vinnytsia National Technical University, is truly a talented teacher.


It was he whom a lot of graduates of the Institute of Information Technology and Computer Engineering of VNTU.owe their fantastic professional success.


Serhii Kashubin a graduate of Master Courses of VNTU, on January 5 began to work as a Software Engineer in Zurich office of Google (Switzerland). Before the invitation to a permanent job to the largest city of the most prosperous country in Europe Serhii Kashubin had successfully completed a four-month internment.


Bohdan Vlasiuk, a graduate of VNTU, has also been working for several years in Zurich office of Google.


Pavlo Korzhyk has also been developing software in another office of the company in Sydney (Australia).


Dmitry Korzhyk studies at Duke University graduate school in the US.


A recent graduate of VNTU Vitalii Nevidomyi has also been working currently in the US — at the Head Office of Google (San Francisco).


Oleksii Stakh, a fellow student of V. Nevidomyi, is now in the United States too — he is a Microsoft employee.


Ihor Suhak, an undergraduate of our University, has also been working now in the United States. After four courses of studing in VNTU he got an invitation and went to the USA.


MD student Oleh Morfìianets has recently trained in Google in Tokyo (Japan).


Such a luxurious list goes on and on...


In different years all these young men were a “star” team of students of VNTU in sport programming who were ingeniously trained and encouraged to victories by Professor V. Mesiura.


Exactly Volodymyr Ivanovych is the initiator and the generator, the main driving force of the student Olympiads of programmers not only in VNTU and in the region but also in Ukraine as a whole. Thanks to his personal efforts and the brilliant victories of his students Vinnytsia and actually our Vinnytsia National Technical University was granted the right to hold a student team semifinal of the World Championship in programming АСМ-ІСРС, within which the final of Ukrainian student Olympiad in programming is held.


“The winners of the sport programming competitions are willingly employed by the world's leading firms,” says Volodymyr Mesiura. “But the main task of these Olympiads is to stimulate our intellectual youth. Unfortunately, it is not really needed to anyone in Ukraine, it does not really feel the demand and attention to itself. And on these competitions talented young programmers have a chance to meet with IT-specialists and the employers who really helps the best students-programmers find good jobs.”


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