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Training of such specialists in VNTU will focus on meeting the production needs of the leading IT-companies in the region – Win Interactive, Delphi, Playtika, “Spilna Sprava”, which are headed and staffed mainly by students of the Institute of Automatics, Electronics and Computer Control Systems. In the same direction other universities in the region train computer science teachers for school

Vinnytsia National Technical University

Faculty of Computer Systems and Automation

Department of Automation and Information Measuring Devices


Scientific and pedagogical potential of the Institute of Automatics, Electronics and Computer Control Systems has every reason to get a license for training specialists in 6.040302 – “Computer Science, which belongs to the area of expertise 0403 – System Sciences and Cybernetics” applied by the educational activity of VNTU for the first time.

Long-term creative efforts of the teaching staff of the department of Automation and Information Measuring Devices have positively resulted according to the decision of Accreditation Commission of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated on January 27, 2015, Protocol No. 114. A new training direction 6.040302 – “Computer Science” will be added to the license of Vinnytsia National Technical University for carrying out educational activity. This launches training  bachelors of natural and mathematical field of knowledge 0403 – “System Sciences and Cybernetics”.


The resulting decision vividly demonstrates the scientific-pedagogical “maturity” of  teaching staff of the Institute of Automatics, Electronics and Computer Control Systems and  the University as a whole since natural and mathematical education is usually received at classical and pedagogical universities of the country.


For technical education of Vinnytsia region this step is not only natural but also crucial because the continuous growth in demand for specialists of  IT-industry in the region and town due to the emergence of new local firms and international companies requires a new level of training.


To develop educational programs for training direction 6.040302  “Computer Science” it was taken into account the practical experience of our graduates in leading companies of IT-industry Google, MicroSoft, Goldman Sachs as well as their PhD theses defended in leading foreign universities.


Bachelor training in “Computer Science” provides a thorough study of the following subjects mathematical analysis, algebra and geometry, discrete mathematics, programming, architecture of computing systems, system programming and operating systems, mathematical logic and theory of algorithms, probability theory and mathematical statistics, data networks, algorithms and data structures, methods of operation research and optimization, software system designing, system analysis and decision-making theory, databases and information systems, programming and support of Web applications, distributed information-analytical systems, information security, mathematical and structural linguistics, parallel and distributed computing, intelligent information systems, etc.


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