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Smart Club Community “Bayun” celebrated the anniversary


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The history of intellectual game movement in our University started in the early 90s of the last century. Smart Club Community “Bayun” originated from individual interests and sporadic forms of intellectual game “What? Where? When?” in then VSTU in January, 1995.


The name of the Club has its roots in ancient Slavic mythology according to which the God Veles was not only the saint patron of cattle breeding and wealth but also the God of knowledge and wisdom. He has got two mythological embodiments — bird Gamayun and cat Bayun. Both words “gamayunyty” and “bayunyty” mean to sing or to tell i.e., to bring people the information, to give knowledge, and this is one of the aims of the Club.


Forms of a game practiced in the Club are designed to form skills and knowledge of the logical and quick thinking, teamwork and to expand student erudition. Such a practice has already been carried out for 20 years.


During these 20 years Smart Club Community “Bayun” held dozens of different tournaments of such intellectual games as “What? Where? When?”, “Brain-ring”, “Svoia hra (Own game)”, “Video realities”, “Mudrolohiia (Wisdomology)”, “Quest”, etc. Regular Championship of “Bayun” (40 Championships), Championship of VNTU students, Cup of Tutors (for VNTU freshmen and their tutors) become traditional.


The activity of the Club expanded outside the University; it is for its initiative and efforts that Vinnytsia University Cup, Student Intellectual League, was held.


Philosopher Johann Huizinga said that man is a Homo ludens (playing man). Life without a game is boring, especially without an intellectual entertainment, which is actually the most passionate, so GAME MUST GO ON!


Anatolii TEKLIUK,
PhD, Associate Professor,
Deputy Director of the Educational Center


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