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A letter to the dean of Faculty of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor Oleksii Azarov from the graduate of the Department of Computer Sciences, an employee of Intel (the United States of America), Oleksandr Marchuk


Good morning, dear Oleksii Dmytrovych!


My whole family and I have recently been in Ukraine, in Lityn


This year our groupmates have had a meeting in the honor of 10 years after graduation the University.

In the United States I’ve had different jobs but I’ve long been interested in Intel.


Now I work for Intel. There’re two Russian-speaking employees in the department where I’ve been working. By the way, I'm the youngest in the team.


Somehow I'll write about the laboratory and the prototypes that we test in more detail. Now they are Intel Skylake tablets with processors i7 of the 6th generation.


Give my best regards to the Department of Computer Sciences.


I thank all the teachers who worked hard and stood us, such irrepressible students, and gave us a start in life.


Oleksandr Marchuk