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Diana Slobodianiuk, a fifth-year student of the Department of Finance of Vinnytsia National Technical University, studies according to the curriculum of academic mobility “Double diploma” at the Faculty of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship of Lublin University of Technology ─ Wydziale Zarządzania Politechnika Lubelska. After graduating from the university the girl will receive two diplomas ─ one of VNTU and one of the Polish University


The third year in a row, students of VNTU have the opportunity to obtain the diploma of the foreign university in parallel with national one. This year 14 people ─ future programmers, power engineers, managers, builders, environmentalists, mechanical engineers, metrologists and experts in laser and optoelectronic technology went to Poland.


The girl says:

“It is not easy to learn, subjects are taught in Polish or English. A very large array of material should be mastered. We, Ukrainian students, take our exams on the same requirements as the Poles. We have no indulgences. If you don’t know the language enough, it is your problem. Material must be mastered. I rarely travel ─ just learn, learn and learn. Warunki (conditions) are quite tough ─ if you do not pass the exam three times, then you have a penalty of 100 zl. It should be noted that Polish students compete from the very beginning of their study. Every students for himself. It is interesting that it never happens to the teachers to sight-read their lectures. They just tell. I like Polish looseness ─ a teacher, even the elderly, can get to university by bike. In their free time they go rollerblading. They also dress as they like, comfort is more important.”


Diana says that the majority of the Poles treat our compatriots well. They are interested in Ukraine and don’t like Russia. Once a Pole took no money for giving me a lift, as he realized due to my accent that I’m from Ukraine. “I have no possibility to help your country, so I'll help you personally,” he said.


Except self-sacrificing training, Diana Slobodianiuk has got a hobby ─ belly dancing. She went up to the final contest of student talents Open Stage 2015, which took place in Lublin (Poland). The contest was organized for all students of Lublin Voivodeship.




Watch Diana’s performance at the final Open Stage 2015


Now Diana is preparing to the contest “Polska ma talent”.


Diana will defend her diploma of VNTU in two months in November. Master degree of Politechnika Lubelska will be defended in the spring of 2016.