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The history of our library is an integral part of the history of VNTU, which this year celebrates its 55th anniversary. After all, one of the first orders of the newly established university was the order on the foundation of a library


Today a scientific and technical library of Vinnytsia National Technical University having passed a difficult path of development is the main structural division of the university. A modern university library aims to provide educational, scientific and research process at the University on the proper information level.


Quote of the Law of Ukraine On Higher Education The basic structural units of a higher education institution are faculties, departments, a library (Article 33. Structure of a higher education institution).


Today's library has more than 850 thousand documents, namely: scientific publications ─ almost 200 thousands, tutorials ─ more than 340 thousands, periodicals ─ more than 160 thousands and about 900 newspapers


The development of IT-technologies and a significant rise in the cost of publications have led to the change of completing. The library is gradually moving from paper to electronic media, however, does not give up the paper ones. As a result, there is a rapid replenishment of the electronic library, which began with the formation of full-text database of the works of VNTU scientists.


The library has initiated the institutional repository ─ an electronic archive of the University aimed at accumulation, systematization and storage intellectual products of the University community in electronic form to extend these materials in the global scientific and educational space.



Director of the Scientific and Technical Library of VNTU

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