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On the eve of the Day of Dignity and Freedom in Ukraine students of VNTU debated about the importance of freedom and appraisement of human dignity for the successful development of a society

The events that took place in Ukraine in late 2013 – early 2014 are called the Revolution of Dignity.


For two years there definitely have been changes in the public mind of the Ukrainians. But can these changes be called revolutionary? Remember the saying “by their fruits ye shall know them”. So what are the fruits we have today?


One of the key values, for which fought, was freedom. And what is freedom? Freedom always implies responsibility, i.e. I am responsible for the realization of my desires, otherwise freedom turns into tyranny.


Now the main question ─ “Have the Ukrainians become more responsible?” The growth of responsibility turns out to be their dignity.


Anatolii TEKLIUK,
Director of the
Educational center of VNTU,
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Humanities of VNTU