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This year in December the Museum of Podillia arts of Culture and Arts Center of VNTU has celebrated its 25th anniversary. Culture and Arts Center of VNTU has celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, too ─ in September


Arts Center? Art Museum at a technical university?! To my deep belief, the essence of education, culture and life is spirituality, humanity and humanism.


The creation of a cultural and artistic Center at the technical university was caused by a number of tasks. There are only a few of them:


─ creatinig artistic and aesthetic environment, which stimulates the activity of the inner life of an individual, promotes creativity and self-development;


─ attracting students to the cultural and artistic life of the city, forming an audience, visittng museums, exhibition halls, theaters, concerts, etc.;


─ promoting the creative heritage of Ukrainian culture...


But the main task was to create technical intelligentsia capable of making a significant contribution into the development and enrichment of the national culture and environmental protection.


Today there are 8 museum halls, one of which is exhibitional, in our Culture and Arts Center. They function as arts laboratories. There are also arts expositions in every classroom.


Great appreciation for the dedicated work to all the staff of the Centre (Liudmyla Myshanska, Svitlana Volovodiuk, Nelia Nikolenko, Svitlana Rykova, Halyna Zaika, Olena Kovalenko) and also to colleagues from humanitarian and technical departments who work with students in our museum halls using all the features of our Center to enrich spiritual world of our youth.


A year ago Polish Center named after Ignacy Jan Paderewski, thanks to which we popularize the culture of Poland, was opened.


The opening of a new ─ the 209th art exhibition in the cultural and educational center of VNTU


For 25 years the Center presented 209 art exhibitions of various genres of fine art (paintings, graphics, sculpture, decorative and applied art, photographs, etc.). The authors are masters from Podillia and other regions, mainly the members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and the National Union of art masters of Ukraine. Since 1994, art exhibitions of works of students and the staff of VNTU have been organized annually.


On average 9-10 thousand visitors ─ students of various educational institutions, administration officials at various levels, representatives of the Ministry of Education and of he Presidium of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, representatives from different regions and cities of Ukraine, as well as from France, England, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Russia, Latvia, Portugal, China and others, annually visit our Arts Centre.


Annually, there are more than 450 excursions  including more than 200 training ones.


During this period Leonid Filonov, Honored Worker of Culture, shot on the basis of our Centre with the participation of our students 75 telecasts “I think so”, 21 TV programs dedicated to the presentation of new art exhibitions, 18 films about the history of Ukrainian culture, 15 interviews with members of the staff and administration of VNTU, 2 films about the University and 2 videos about Culture and Arts Center of VNTU that were broadcasted not only locally, but also on state television channels.


There is the potential! Can it be implemented in the following 25 years? Time will tell. Contra spem spero! Still, let's be optimistic! Vitabrevis, arslonga!



Director of Culture and Arts Center of VNTU, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Professor


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