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Everyone who attended this extraordinary event in Vinnytsia National Technical University had the opportunity to see the exhibition of aircraft models as well as was able to feel like a pilot

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Among the exhibits there were models that have already been successfully performing air photo intelligence in the ATO, for example, drone “Cyber-3”, which is used in the East of our country. The range of such UAVs is 300 km (!).


By the way, drones are created in “Nebesna Dolyna” (“Celestial Valley”) — an educational and scientific center of the development of radio communication systems and devices of Vinnytsia National Technical University. Oleksandr Pilhanchuk, a recent graduate of VNTU, whose developments have already been using in the ATO, said, “Domestic models are several times as cheap as foreign counterpartsbut are simpler in operation and maintenance. They will be used not only for the ATO but also and for monitoring the situation in the border areas of Vinnytsia region bordering with Prydnistrovia.”


Leonid Koval, Head of “Nebesna Dolyna” (“Celestial Valley”), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Biomedical Equipment of VNTU says, “Now drones are used for burning leaves monitoring by Vinnytsia municipal police. In some countries they are even used for mail delivery.”


Leonid Koval is satisfied by the event because future entrants showed remarkable curiosity about the technical intricacies of UAV creation and wondered the opportunity to learn this.


The Faculty of Radio Engineering, Telecommuncation and Instrument Engineering of VNTU together with the NGO “Center for Innovative Technologies “Technovin” with the support of Vinnytsia City Council organized the day of drones.


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