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The English language has gained its status not only due to the leadership of the English-speaking countries in the modern world but also due to the linguistic features


The decree of the President of Ukraine on November 16, 2015 declares 2016 is the Year of the English language in Ukraine. The president made the decision “taking into account the role of English as a language of international communication in order to promote its study to expand public access to the world's economic, social, educational and cultural opportunities offered by the knowledge and use of English, ensuring the integration of Ukraine into European political, economic, scientific and educational space in support of the program Go Global, which defines learning English as one of the priorities of development strategy”.


The program Go Global mentioned in the Decree of the President is a document developed by the National Council of reforms in June 2015 is entitled “National Foreign Language Learning and Promotion Initiative”. The program stated that Ukraine has identified learning foreign languages ​​as a key foreign policy priority signing an association agreement with the EU in 2014. The main instrument of accession of Ukraine into the business, educational, scientific and cultural space of the EU in 2016 is knowledge of ENGLISH in Ukraine. The development strategy of Ukraine in 2020 stipulates that 75% of high school graduates will know two foreign languages.


Taking into consideration the special status of English in the modern world it has been recognized as advisable to concentrate the efforts at the first stage ─ supporting and learning English, which is now the leader among Internet languages (800 million users; 55% of the world's web pages are written in English). For almost a century English is the lingua franca of the scientific community, 80% of all scientific publications are issued in English. English is also the language of diplomacy, international congresses, conferences and sports events.



It is obvious that knowledge of English is becoming a key competence in a globalized economy. According to the Decree of the President knowledge of English will be a qualifying requirement for occupying certain positions in universities and in the civil service. The President proposes to introduce requirements for the English language competence to award scientific degrees and academic status.


According to the Decree of the President Regional State Administrations mandated to develop and implement regional plans of actions aimed at promoting English learning and carrying out explanatory work. But today, when there is a war in Ukraine and the economy is destroyed, the country can not allocate significant funds to finance Olympiads, contests, festivals and language courses for everyone. Thus, each of us must realize the importance of language skills personally for ourselves and define our path to the goal using all available opportunities. Using all available opportunities for VNTU students is not to miss any lessons and consultations working with additional literature, which is more than enough in our library and in electronic form. Each year the Department of Foreign Languages of VNTU holds extracurricular activities, in which everyone who has decided to learn English should take part.


The Olympiad in English is traditionally held in February and the format of its tasks is close to the International English examinations.


In March, sessions of the sections of foreign languages and technical translation will be held at the annual scientific conference. Even if students do not make any reports this year it is advisable for them to come and listen thoughtfully to the reports of other students and note some interesting information from the presentations.


In April, the Department of Foreign Languages of VNTU will hold the language Interuniversity Seminar “Language is the way to mutual understanding and cooperation” for the tenth time.


Everyone who wants to improve the skills of public speaking and debate are welcomed to the club “Window into America”.


Understanding the uniqueness of each language as a perfect communication system based on the historical background, openness to new knowledge, willingness to make and correct mistakes working daily will help overcome the most difficult first stage and step the way full of discoveries that never ends. Knowledge of foreign languages has been considered a sign of education, high culture, wide outlook since early times.


It is ridiculous to persuade university students to know at least one foreign language because it is obvious that it is a powerful tool in understanding the world, mastering the profession, enriching personal experience.



Head of the Department of the Foreign Languages of VNTU, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor


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