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Institute of Environmental Security and Environmental Monitoring trains specialists in two specialties "Ecology" and "System Analysis"


To enter you should apply the results of testing

-Ukrainian language and literature;


- Mathematics or Geography or Chemistry



Speciality "Ecology"


The Department of Ecology and Environmental Safety carries out training of environmental experts. After 4 years of study students environmentalists get educational qualification of Bachelor of qualified environmental organizer. On the basis of undergraduate students can continue their study to get a Master degree on a speciality "Ecology" (qualification ─ environmentalist, lecturer of higher education institutions) or Master degree on a speciality "Technology of Environmental Protection" (qualification ─ engineer of technogenic and ecological safety).


Environmental specialists work as:

o Environmentalist, inspector of nature protection

o inspector of water use and land protection

o Specialist in Landscape Architecture

o Environmental specialist in agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and natural reserve management

o Consultant in the apparatus of government, the executive committee

o State inspector of technological and environmental supervision

o Organizer of the use of nature

o State inspector for the protection of natural reserve fund

o Engineer of technogenic and ecological safety

o Specialist of environmental and radiological control in the customs territory

o Teacher of higher education institution.



There is a postgraduate specialty "Environmental Security".


Environmentalists undergraduates have an opportunity to receive education in Poland under the "Double Diploma" programme.


After graduating from the university in this specialty graduates are guaranteed prestigious employment where they can expect for an extremely interesting work in the unique world of nature, noble activity on preservation of the environment and natural resources of the country. You get employment opportunities in modern design labs of evaluation of environment quality (ISO 9000, ISO 14000), research institutes, universities, public and private enterprises with decent wages.



Specialty "System Analysis"

We invite you to join a new specialty 124 – "System Analysis", branch 12–"Information Technology", which only our University trains in Vinnitsa region. System analysts, including business analysts, system architectors, business architectors, consultant- analysts, experts in data consolidation perform leading roles in enterprises and institutions and are in the top list of the most highly paid specialists in the IT sector. Their main task is to ensure interaction with the customer and performers, to develop the concept of an information system and the technical task for it, to design and optimize architecture, to coordinate all works to create systems, their testing and implementation. They perform market analysis, create and maintain CRM-systems, perform financial, product and geomarket analysis, etc. Hence, it is necessary to know modern technology of processing and analysis of information, the creation of software and information systems, including systems of E-GOV, to work with Web services, etc. The university has its own powerful scientific school of developing models of the processes and the systems of automatic and automated control. Scholars who are famous in the IT field both in Ukraine and abroad, who are experts in the projects of the UNITED NATIONS, the EU and the OSCE, work at the Department http://mmss.vntu.edu.ua/.



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