Прес-центр ВНТУ 18.08.2019, 00:15


A welcome imposing competition “Mr. Charm of VNTU” has been held



For the first time in the competition the task of the participants was to transform into a fictional character image. The audience watched the new role of favorite characters ─ Jimmy Neutron, the Emperor of Cuzco, Winnie the Pooh, James Bond, Carlson, Ostap Bender, Kyle Wren, a Servant of the people.


Another novelty was the improvisation competition. Vasyl Olenych and Oleksandr Morozov creatively approached this test simulating the situation of introduction to the girl’s parents for each of the participants.


Then it was the turn of creative competition... There was a real and unique show created by the contestants demonstrating their talents ─ inflammatory breakdancing from Serhii Hlushan, unexpectedly lyrical Oleksii Maksymov, freestyle from basketball player Maksym Zvazhii, real magic show from Anton Kosariev, inflammatory dance from Mykola Kobysia, masterly drums playing from Anton Vekliuk, Andrii Bilyk created a real chemical laboratory on the stage, and Yurii Babii demonstrated mastery of folk choreography.


Hence, the main titles:


Yurii Babii (the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Thermal Power Engineering and Gas Supply) – Mr. Charm of VNTU 2016!


Anton Vekliuk (the Faculty of Machine Building and Transport) – “Vice Mister Charm of VNTU 2016”!


Anton Kosariev (the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering) – “Vice Mister Charm of VNTU 2016”!


Mykola Kobysia – “Mr. Friendliness”!


Anton Vekliuk – “Mr. Charm of the Audience Award”!


Yurii Babii Mr Charm of on-line voting”!


Kateryna FEDORENKO, Director of the Student Club of VNTU


Photo report by Serhii Markov