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On March 17, an interuniversity project “The war is pulsing by fire” was opened in Vinnytsia National Technical University


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It was organized on the initiative of Vinnytsia National Technical University and Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University named after M. Kotsiubynskyi actively supported by the military-patriotic club “Aidar” and the charity foundation “Children of Europe”.


The project started with the meeting of students with their peers-heroes who defend Ukraine and each of us on the eastern borders of the state. The event, which was entitled “Social dimensions of ATO “Warriors of light”, was attended by soldiers of the battalion “Aidar”, membersof the club “Aidar”, students and teachers of VNTU and VSPU named after M. Kotsiubynskyi, specialists of psychological support services of VNTU and representatives of the charity foundation “Children of Europe”.


Attendees honored the memory of forever twenty-year-old Volodymyr Mukha. Volodymyr Mukha, student of the Faculty of Power Engineering and Electromechanics of VNTU, volunteer of the 24th assault battalion of special purpose “Aidar” was killed in the battle under Luhansk at dawn on July 21, 2014.


The meeting was attended by Svitlana Bevz, Deputy Director of the Institute of Magistracy, Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies of VNTU, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Power Plants and Systems, who was involved in the fighting in ATO and is Commander of a zenith unit of the volunteer battalion “Aidar”.


The exhibition “If you want peace, get ready for war” of the military-patriotic club “Aidar” is opened at VNTU under the project “The war is pulsing by fire”and is devoted to the 72nd anniversary of Vinnytsia liberation from fascist invaders.


In addition to exhibits of World War II, an exhibition has exhibits of events on the Maidan and the war in Donbas with Russian invaders


Photo Gallery The war is pulsing by fire